Light Up The Night: Fire Pits In Your Yard

There’s something innately human about sitting around a fire. It’s a primal call back to our ancestors, who used fires for warmth, cooking and community. Today, the desire for that warm crackling glow hasn’t faded. We’ve merely refined it into an aesthetically pleasing feature in our outdoor living spaces: the beloved fire pit.

A fire pit can serve as a focal point for your backyard parties or a cozy spot for quiet introspection under the stars. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows with kids or sharing stories with friends over a bottle of wine, a fire pit can provide countless evenings of enjoyment.

But how do you choose one? What should you consider when adding this element to your yard? Let’s dive deeper into all things fire pits!

The Types of Fire Pits

When it comes to deciding on the type of fire pit you want in your yard, there are several options available:

  • Wood Burning Fire Pits: This is your traditional campfire-style option. They give off plenty of heat and crackle just like an open bonfire would. A wood-burning pit requires dry logs for burning which may take up storage space.
  • Propane Fire Pits: These are increasingly popular due to their convenience and clean burn. You simply turn them on or off at will – no need to wait for coals to cool down before calling it a night! They also don’t produce smoke or sparks.
  • Natural Gas Fire Pits: Like propane pits, these offer easy use but require professional installation as they must be connected to your home’s gas line. However, once installed they offer endless hours of flame without changing tanks or sourcing wood.

Things To Consider


Firstly, safety should be paramount when choosing where to place your fire pit. Keep it at least 10-20 feet away from house structures or other flammable materials such as trees and shrubs.

You’ll also want to consider wind patterns in your yard – nobody enjoys having smoke blow directly into their face! If possible try and position your fire pit where it’s protected from prevailing winds.

Materials & Design

From stone-built circular pits reminiscent of campfires to sleek metal cuboids more suited for modern homes, there is an array of design choices out there that cater specifically towards certain aesthetics. Choose one that compliments not only your home but also its surroundings.


The size will depend on both the available space in your yard and what kind of gatherings you envision around the fire pit (large party vs intimate gathering). Make sure people have enough room to move comfortably around it without risking injury by stepping too close.

Do You Need Permission?

In many areas, yes! Some cities have strict regulations regarding open fires within city limits so always check local ordinances before installing any type of outdoor fireplace. You might need specific permits especially if installing gas lines for natural gas types.

Maintenance & Safety

Whichever type you choose remember maintenance is key! Regular cleaning keeps both wood-burning and gas-propane pits looking good and working well besides reducing risks associated with uncontrolled flames.

For safety purposes invest in some basic equipment such as spark screens (for wood-burning types) and covers which protect against weather elements when not in use.

Ensure children are supervised around any type of open flame too!

That said; here’s hoping this info lights up your path towards getting that dreamy backyard blaze going! With preparation care -and maybe some marshmallows- get ready for memorable nights under starry skies warmed by the gentle flickering flames from your very own backyard fire pit!

So go ahead … stoke up conversations laughter food (S’mores anyone?)…and hey even romance under those twinkle-lit nights …because nothing really beats the charm ambiance warmth and potential fun offered by this fiery addition! Happy blazing folks!