What kind of wood do you use for a fire pit?

It seems simple, you buy a fire pit, get some wood, and light it on fire. But anyone who has used a fire pit for the first time will know that choosing what kind of wood to use is not that simple. There are things that must be considered when deciding what you will burn in your fire pit.

  • What kind of emissions are released
  • How hot does the wood burn
  • How fast does the wood burn

What kind of wood do you use for a fire pit? The best kinds of wood to use for a fire pit are hardwoods like oak, birch, and beech. Hardwoods burn hotter and longer. They generally produce a cleaner burn than softwoods. This means you will get less dangerous emissions when burning hardwood.

Softwood like pine burns faster than hardwoods. Pine can be good to use for starting your fire.

How to properly season wood for burning?

Any wood will burn in a fire. The question of seasoned wood versus non-seasoned wood has to do with the quality of the burn. If you don't season your wood, it will smolder. Smoldering puts off a lot of smoke. This makes standing around your fire very unpleasant.

What is seasoned wood? Seasoned wood is wood that has been allowed to properly dry out. It is wood that is mostly free of moisture and sap. Seasoned wood looks dry and has cracks that are reminiscent of dried wood.

You can tell if wood is seasoned or not by smacking two pieces together. Properly seasoned wood will make a clanging sound when hit together. Unseasoned, or green wood, will make a thud sound when hit together.

How much firewood do I need for a fire pit?

Choosing the right amount of wood to buy or cut for your fire pit can be challenging. The decision comes down to a few factors.

  • How often will you use your fire pit?
  • How much space do you have to store fire wood?
  • How much money do you want to spend at one time?

If you are only going to use your fire pit once or twice a year, you only need to buy a small bundle from your local hardware store. If you plan on using your fire pit often, then you should look for a local supplier that can supply you with large amounts of wood at one time.

Before buying a lot of wood, make sure you have a good, dry area to store your wood. Your wood has to remain dry. Underneath a porch or patio cover works best.

The third factor to decide is how much money you want to spend. If you are willing to put out a few extra dollars now, you may be able to save more. Of course, you have to have a good place to store the extra wood. Storing it in a poor location will cost you more money if the wood becomes unusable.

Is it OK to burn pine in a fire pit?

You will usually see people on one side or the other when it comes to burning pine in your fire pit. I don't think it is a black or white issue. At a base level, it is perfectly fine to burn pine in your fire pit. Your fire pit won't explode or melt.

The big issues with deciding to use pine have to do with temperature, smoke, and soot. Pine is a softwood with a lot of sap in it. This means it will burn fast and hot. It also means it will put off a lot of smoke. More smoke means you will be exposed to more dangerous emissions.

With all of that said, it is still safe to burn in your fire pit. You just need to take some precautions. First, don't put too much pine wood in your fire pit or it may get to hot. The high temperatures may damage your fire pit, particularly if it is made of aluminum. Next, make sure you stand a safe enough distance away from the fire pit so you don't breath the smoke. If there is a breeze out, position your seating in the direction of the breeze and away from the smoke blow off.

Chemical emissions from burning wood

Anytime you burn something gases, vapors, and particles are emitted. Some of these emissions are not to dangerous, but other are. You have to be concerned with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxide, and nitrogen oxide. These gases can be detrimental to your health. They can cause serious injury and lose of life.

An alternative to burning regular wood logs are wood pellets and logs made from sawdust and recycled wood. These burn much cleaner than regular wood logs.

Fire pit wood holder

There are a few different options you can use for holding your fire pit wood. You can purchase a metal holder from a hardware store. You can build a holder out of wood. You can use an existing shelving unit. You can just stack the wood in a dry spot on the ground.

Other options you may want to consider for your wood holder are:

  • Wheels
  • Cover
  • Height
  • Width

You can burn many different kinds of wood in your fire pit. You can even use alternative wood products that are formulate for fire pits. Before choosing what you will burn in your fire pit, consider what is available to your, how much you want to spend, and where you are going to store it.

Also, consider what the short term and long term effects of breathing some of the emissions will do to your health. Though you should try to avoid breathe any of the emissions, it is inevitable that you will breath some.

Wood needed for proper stacking in your fire pit

Stacking wood in your fire pit really has to do with starting your fire. Improperly stacked wood will not catch fire well. Properly stacked wood will make it easy to get your fire started and keep it burning.

To stack your wood in your fire pit, you need several elements. These elements are kindling, small sticks, medium pieces of wood, and large pieces of wood. See our article on stacking wood in your fire pit to learn the correct way to get your fire started.