Is Basswood Good Firewood? Does It Burn Well

Basswood firewood is a good choice if you want to make a fire. It is an easy wood to split and has a good smell. Basswood also produces few sparks and smokes less than other types of wood. However, it is not as rot-resistant as some of the other types of wood and it is not as good for producing coals. Basswood is a good wood to use indoors and outdoors.

Overview of basswood firewood

Hardwood or softwood: hardwood

Green weight: 4400 lbs. per cord

Dry weight: 1980 lbs. per cord

BTUs per cord: 13.8 million

Density when dry: 26 lbs/cubic ft

Hardness: 410 lbs. force

Splitting: Easy

Seasoning time: 6 to 8 months

Smoke: Medium

Sparks: Few

Coals: Poor

Smell: Good

Quality: Fair

Rot-resistant: No

Cost: Average

Where does it grow: Eastern North America

Burn indoors/outdoors: indoors and outdoors

How to select the best basswood firewood

You can find basswood firewood in the eastern part of North America. Basswood can be expensive in some areas, but it is usually cheaper than other types of hardwood. When you select basswood firewood, you should choose pieces that are the right size for your fireplace. You should also make sure that the basswood is dry because wet basswood will not burn well. Basswood can be dried by splitting it and then stacking it in a sunny spot.

Safety precautions when using basswood firewood

You should use caution when starting a fire with basswood firewood. You should make sure that the fireplace or fire pit is clean and clear of anything that will catch fire. You should also ensure there is a working smoke detector nearby if you are going to burn basswood inside. Finally, you should make sure you can put out the fire if something goes wrong. You should avoid burning basswood near flammable material or in an enclosed space because this could cause a dangerous situation.