Is Beech Good Firewood? Find Out How Good It Burns

Beech is good firewood and is preferred over maple. The beech tree is a member of the birch family and is closely related to the oak. The name “Beech” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "boc" which literally means book. An important characteristic of Beech trees is that they produce few sparks when burned and have a pleasant smell when burning.

They are one of the most popular types of firewoods because they burn well even in wet conditions and don't create as much smoke as other types of wood do. Another great thing about Beech trees is that their leaves fall off in autumn, making them an excellent choice if you want to rake up your yard before winter sets in. The leaves dry leaves can be used to start your fires.

There are many other benefits to using beech wood as your firewood. The only problem with using beech trees is that they can sometimes leave a residue on the inside of your chimney. Below you will find some simple tips for finding, storing, and burning beech wood.

Where can I find Beech firewood?

Beech trees grow best in wet soils and are commonly found near lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water. They are also extremely popular as shade trees, which is why you may have noticed them growing along the side of the road or in your neighbor's yard. Beech trees can be found in the eastern regions of Canada and the United States, as well as other parts of Europe.

Beech is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced wood burners alike. It can be easily split, produces little smoke and keeps a good amount of heat for a long time even when burned in the smallest pieces. You can find it online or at most local hardware stores as well as home improvement stores.

How do I store Beech firewood?

Beech firewood should be cut into small pieces and stored in a dry location. Be sure to stack your firewood pile off the ground, as water can seep into it if it’s stacked directly on the earth. It is recommended that you store any bark or leaves to use as kindling in a sealed container or bag once they are dried.

Be sure to keep your logs, bark, and leaves stored in a dry location so they don't get moldy. Beech will burn evenly and hot when split into small pieces and dried out, and can last for a few years if store properly. Always be sure to store your beech firewood in a dry place that is not exposed to moisture at all times.

How do I split Beech firewood?

Beech contains a lot of resin and sap, so it can be pretty tough to work with when splitting into smaller pieces for your fireplace or wood stove. The best tool for splitting beech is an ax. If you need to split larger pieces, buy a splitting maul. Be careful using a splitting maul when working with beech firewood because it tends to splinter when struck by the blade of a splitting maul.

How do I burn Beech firewood?

Be sure to keep your fireplace damper open when burning beech wood to avoid any creosote buildup inside your chimney. The best way to light a fire is by making a small teepee with kindling or smaller pieces of wood, placing larger logs around the base and lighting it from the bottom up. It would be wise to keep a spare box of matches on hand for lighting the fire.

Does Beech firewood spark?

Beech produces very few sparks because it is not a resinous wood like pine. Beech firewood contains some sap so it will spark a little. If you dry beech firewood enough, you will have fewer sparks.

Does Beech firewood smoke?

Beech makes an excellent choice if you need to burn indoors because it produces very little smoke. Beech leaves and bark will produce the most smoke. Use as little of the leaves and bark as possible to get your fire started. Once the fire is burning well, you will see very little smoke as long as you keep the flames going and don't let the logs smolder.

Is Beech firewood good to burn?

Beech firewood is considered to be one of the best choices for burning inside your home, as it can produce great coals and does not leave behind any unpleasant odors. It also lights fast, which allows you to get the most out of your fire. Beech will easily ignite and burn without much smoke when dry.

Be sure to always split your logs into small pieces before burning them in an open fireplace or wood stove, and never burn treated or painted wood indoors.

Is Beech firewood good for cooking?

Beech is considered to have excellent flavor. The wood does not smoke much while burning and contains a good amount of heat, making it perfect for cooking with.

Is Beech firewood safe?

Beech has been used for generations as an excellent source of fireplace and wood stove fuel. It produces little creosote buildup in chimneys, unlike other woods which can cause chimney fires if left unattended. It burns well and leaves behind little to no ash.

Does Beech firewood attract bugs?

Beech has a low moisture content, so it does not attract as many insects as other woods do. Keep your logs stored in an area where they will not collect excessive amounts of sawdust, wood chips, or bark. This will give bugs fewer places to make a home in your beech firewood pile.

What is the weight of Beech firewood per cord?

Beech firewood can weigh anywhere from 3600 to 4000 pounds per cord, depending on how it's harvested and dried. Its density also varies by the amount of moisture it contains. The more water in your wood, the heavier it will be. Dry beech has a density of 44.2 lbs. per cubic ft.

How many BTUs does Beech firewood produce?

Beech produces 26 million BTUs per cord when burned, making it an excellent choice for heating up your home. It also emits very little smoke or odor while burning. Beech is a great source of heat and has been used for many years as the fuel of choice in many American homes.

Is Beech Firewood good for starting fires?

Beech is great for starting fires because it ignites easily and burns quickly, leaving behind little ash and sparking very few times. The heat it gives off is hot and because the log burns evenly and quickly, it allows you to get the most out of your fire.

Is Beech good firewood summary

Beech is a type of firewood that burns cleanly and produces little smoke or soot. It’s difficult to split, but well worth the effort. Use it in your fireplace for heating purposes because it produces great heat when burned. Beech firewood makes excellent coals, which are great for cooking with an outdoor grill or campfire. When purchasing beech firewood, look out for logs that have bark intact and avoid ones that feel light in weight (low density). To keep beech logs dry until use time, stack them off the ground at least 6" high and away from any elements like rain or wind.