Is Black Locust Good Firewood? Is It Toxic?

As the days get shorter and the weather turns colder, many people are looking for ways to prepare their homes for winter. One of the best ways to do this is by stocking up on firewood. And, while there are a number of different types of wood that can be used for this, black locust is one of the best. Here's why.

What is black locust firewood good for?

Black locust firewood is a type of wood that is known for its high heat output and low smoke production. This makes it an ideal choice for those who are looking to use their fireplace or wood stove in an efficient way. Black locust also has a unique flavor that many people enjoy, making it a popular choice for cooking and smoking food.

How to select the best black locust firewood?

When it comes to selecting the best black locust firewood, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Here are some tips:

  • Size: Black locust trees can grow quite large, so make sure you select logs that are appropriately sized for your fireplace or wood stove. If they're too big, they won't fit and if they're too small, they'll burn up quickly.
  • Density: Black locust is a very dense hardwood, which means it burns slowly and evenly. This makes it ideal for long winter nights when you want a steady fire going. However, this density also means that the logs can be difficult to split - so make sure you have a good axe.
  • Seasoning: It's important to select seasoned black locust logs - those that have been cut and left to dry for at least eighteen months (preferably longer). Freshly cut wood contains high levels of moisture which will cause it to smoke heavily and produce less heat than properly seasoned wood.

Why should you use black locust firewood as your fuel source?

Black locust is an excellent fuel source because it burns hot and clean. It also produces very little smoke, so it's ideal for indoor use. Black locust firewood is also environmentally friendly since it's a renewable resource.

General maintenance tips for using black locust firewood

  1. Season your black locust firewood properly. This means splitting the wood and allowing it to dry for at least eighteen months prior to burning.
  2. Store your seasoned wood in a dry, well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.
  3. Use a moisture meter to check the moisture content of your wood before burning; ideally, it should be 20% or less water by weight for optimal results.

Tips on how to store black locust firewood properly

When it comes to storing black locust firewood, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are some tips on how to store black locust firewood properly:

  • If you plan on burning the wood right away, make sure it is well seasoned before storage. Seasoned wood is easier to light and produces less smoke.
  • If you're not planning on burning the wood right away, store it in a cool, dry place. Green or unseasoned wood can be stored for a few years if necessary.
  • Whichever way you choose to store your black locust firewood, make sure it is off the ground and covered with a tarp or other waterproof material. This will protect the wood from moisture and help prevent rot.

Safety precautions when using black locust firewood

When using black locust firewood, it is important to take some safety precautions. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Black locust trees contain a chemical that can be toxic if inhaled. It is recommended that you wear a dust mask when handling the wood.
  • The smoke from burning black locust wood can also be irritating, so it's best to avoid breathing it in. If possible, burn the wood outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

Is black locust firewood hardwood or softwood

Black locust is a hardwood tree native to North America. The wood is dense and strong, making it ideal for firewood. It burns hot and slow, producing little smoke. Black locust is also resistant to rot and insects, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use.

black locust firewood BTUs

A full cord of black locust wood can produce up to 28 million BTUs, making it an excellent choice for those who want a long-lasting fire. It's also one of the heaviest woods around, so be prepared to put some muscle into splitting and stacking it.

Splitting and seasoning black locust firewood

To split black locust firewood, you will need a sharp axe or maul and a sturdy log splitter. If using an axe, place the log on a stable surface such as a stump or block of wood. Swing the axe down into the center of the log, splitting it in half. Repeat this process until all of the logs are split into manageable pieces.

If using a log splitter, follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to avoid injury. Position the log onto the machine and start splitting it into smaller pieces until you have achieved the desired size.

Does black locust firewood make sparks?

Black locust firewood makes few sparks.

How much does black locust firewood cost?

Black locust firewood typically costs between $120 and $200 per cord depending on the supplier and region.

Is black locust firewood good to burn in a fireplace, fire pit, stove, or campfire?

Yes, black locust firewood is good to burn in a fireplace, fire pit, stove, or campfire.

How does black locust firewood smell when it is burned?

When black locust wood is burned, it gives off a unique and pleasant smell. Some people say it smells like honey or roses. Others have described the scent as being similar to that of cedarwood or eucalyptus. No matter how you describe it, the fragrance of burning black locust is definitely one that will make your home feel cozy and inviting

Does black locust firewood smoke?

Black locust firewood does smoke, but it is not as dense as other types of wood. This means that the smoke will not be as intense or pungent. The smoke from black locust wood can also have a sweet smell to it.