Is Green Ash Good Firewood? Do’s And Don’t When Burning It

Green Ash firewood is a hardwood that is easy to split, has little smoke, good coals, few sparks. It's not as heavy as oak or hickory but it burns hotter than pine. The BTUs per cord are 20 million which means your money will go further with this wood because you can get more out of one cord.

Green ash firewoods need to be seasoned for at least six months before they're ready to burn. You can store them indoors or outdoors but if they are stored in contact with moisture then the wood will rot over time. To learn more about green ash firewood keep reading.

Overview of green ash firewood

Hardwood or softwood: hardwood

Green weight: 4180 lbs. per cord

Dry weight: 2800 lbs. per cord

BTUs per cord: 20 million

Density when dry: 40 lbs/cubic ft

Hardness: 1200 lbs. force

Splitting: Easy

Seasoning time: 6 to 18 months

Smoke: low

Sparks: few

Coals: good

Smell: slightly unpleasant smell when green

Quality: excellent

Rots easy: will rot if it is in contact with moisture

Burn indoors/outdoors: indoors and outdoors

Where does green ash grow?

Green Ash grows best in the southern part of the United States from Connecticut to Kansas and as far west as Texas.

What is green ash wood good for

Green ash is commonly used as firewood. It is also used as flooring, building materials, tools, and baseball bats.

Green ash is a hardwood that has been used for many years as firewood. It's often called "black jack," and it's the most common type of firewood in the eastern United States. This type of wood is also sometimes called "green white oak." And, while green ash may not be the best choice for all types of fires, it does have some great qualities which make it worth considering.

Green Ash Firewood: Why Green Ash Is Worth Considering

1. A good BTU rating - one advantage to this wood is its high heat output. One cord of green ash will produce about 20 million BTUs, which means you'll be able to keep your house nice and warm with just one load.

2. High energy - another advantage to green ash wood is that it's really easy to burn. It'll create a lot of heat quickly, so you won't have to wait out long periods between adding more fuel or making adjustments to your fire.

3. Burns cleanly - you also should be able to get through your entire woodpile without dealing with any smoke problems.

4. Safe to use - another great thing about green ash is that it's safe to use. Green ash does not spark much, which makes it a good choice for fires where you are cooking or heating your home with wood. Although green ash should burn well indoors, make sure to use it only with a screen - don't let your fire get out of control.

5. Makes good coals - green ash burns faster than some harder hardwoods, but also leaves some nice coals. This is good if you are looking for some trailing, lower heat to keep warm or cook on.

Green Ash Firewood: Why Green Ash May Not Be Right for You

1. Doesn't burn as hot - if you are looking for a wood that burns hotter than green ash, there are other options you may want to take into consideration. One of the downsides of this type of firewood is that it won't burn as hot as others like oak. While you should be able to get about 20 million BTUs per cord, this wood won't produce the same level of heat as harder woods will.

2. Green ash may be slightly toxic. The smoke of green ash has been known to irritate the skin and lungs.

3. Not the best choice for larger or longer lasting fires - if you are hoping to heat your entire home with one full cord of wood, green ash may not be your best option. If you want a fire that will last for more than a few hours, green ash may not be your best option.

Green Ash Firewood: Do's and Don'ts

DO: Split green ash firewood with an axe or maul before burning it in your fireplace or in your wood stove. This wood does not burn well when it's still in large logs.

DO: Use green ash to help get your fire started - you may be able to use green ash for kindling if you keep some wood on hand specifically for this purpose. This can make starting your fires much easier.

DO: Add green ash firewood to your outdoor fireplace or chiminea. Green ash is a good wood for cooking - just make sure that the wood has fully dried before using it this way.

DON'T: Breath the smoke from green ash firewood when it burns. It can cause problems for your lungs.

DON'T: Let the smoke come into contact with your skin if you have sensitive skin.

Is green ash firewood good summary

Green ash is a great firewood and in this article we've covered the various ways to use it. If you're looking for green ash, make sure it's dry and not wet or damp when you buy it. If it is wet, store it where it won't touch the ground but will have good airflow through it. Be sure to cover the wood with plastic so rain doesn't continually wet it.

Finally, be vigilant about safety. Smoke from burning green ash can lead to respiratory problems if inhaled too much or at all, while sparks can ignite nearby materials like paper products around your home. The key point: always be mindful of how close these materials are and avoid using anything combustible near where you will burn your logs - including old leaves, paper, and the like.

If you don't have any green ash in your yard, you'll need to find a source for this firewood. The easiest way is to contact your local utility company or landscaping service to see if they can help. Companies that handle brush clearing may also be able to put you in touch with green ash firewood sellers.