Is Horse Chestnut Good Firewood? Or Is It Just Trash Wood?

Horse chestnut firewood is a good choice for those looking for a hardwood that is easy to split and has low smoke. It is also good for burning indoors and outdoors. However, it does not have a high density, so it will not produce many coals. It has a low burning value, and it produces sparks when burnt. It doesn't resist rot very well.

Horse chestnut firewood overview

Hardwood or softwood: Hardwood

Green weight: 4210 lbs. per cord

Dry weight: 1984 lbs. per cord

BTUs per cord: 13.8 million

Density when dry: 31 lbs/cubic ft

Hardness: 820 lbs. force

Splitting: Medium

Seasoning time: 6 to 8 months

Smoke: Low

Sparks: Few

Coals: Poor

Smell: None

Quality: Fair

Rots-resistant: No

Cost: Moderate

Where does it grow: Eastern Europe, Asia, and North Amercia

Burn indoors/outdoors: indoors and outdoors

Why should you use horse chestnut firewood as your fuel source

Horse chestnut has a moderate density when it is dry and it is very easy to split. It doesn't produce many sparks when burnt and has a low burning value. It contains no rot-resistant properties and doesn't make a lot of coals. The smoke that the wood produces is fairly low if dried, but it can be slightly smoky while fresh.

It has a low heat output, which is ideal for keeping you comfortable while still providing enough temperature to perform tasks such as cooking and operating sensitive equipment.

Where does horse chestnut firewood grow

Horse chestnut wood is found in Eastern Europe, Asia, and North America.

Safety precautions when burning horse chestnut firewood

Make sure you maintain a distance of at least five feet away from other objects and cover any holes near the fireplace with metal screens to prevent sparks from flying out and starting a fire. Also, have a bucket of water nearby in case of emergency.

Is horse chestnut firewood hardwood or softwood

Although on the softer side, horse chestnut is a hardwood. It is not very dense or heavy. It is easy to pick up and move around. Because of it's low density it burns quickly.

Horse chestnut firewood BTUs

Horse chestnut has a low heat output, which is about 13.8 million BTUs per cord.

Splitting and seasoning horse chestnut firewood

The estimated Seasoning time for horse chestnut firewood is 6 to 8 months. Horse chestnut is not too difficult to split. This wood is good for firestarters because it lights easy and burns fast.

Does horse chestnut firewood spark

Yes, when burned, this wood produces sparks, but they are very few.

How much does horse chestnut firewood cost

Horse chestnut is moderately priced. It is cheaper than oak. Horse chestnut firewood is available for purchase at most hardware stores or online.

Is horse chestnut firewood good to burn indoors or outdoors

Indoors: Horse chestnut firewood is best for those who want to burn hardwoods indoors as it will not produce sparks or smoke.

Outdoors: This firewood can be burned outdoors on any wood stove. However, there are better choices of firewood that have a higher heat output or are easier to split.

How does horse chestnut firewood smell when it is burned

There are mixed reviews as to how horse chestnut smells when it is burned. Many people note that horse chestnut doesn't smell at all when they burn it. Other people say it stinks when it is burned.

Horse chestnut is known to stink some when it is green. The stinky smell that most people experience when burning horse chestnut is due to some of the wood still being wet. When horse chestnut is dried properly it doesn't have a smell as it is burned.

Does horse chestnut firewood smoke

Yes, when burned, this wood produces smoke, but it is fairly low as long as the wood is dry.

Is horse chestnut good firewood summary

Horse chestnut can be a good choice for those looking for an easy-to-split, low smoke wood that can be burned indoors or outdoors on a wood stove. However, it is not the best option for those who are looking for high heat output or woods that are resistant to rot. It's not too expensive. Horse chestnut firewood is widely available.