Celebrating Thanksgiving with a Twist: Introducing Thanksgiving Bingo!

Thanksgiving, a time for hearty meals, joyous family gatherings, and being grateful for our bounties. We’ve all been part of the traditional turkey carving, pumpkin pie serving, and post-meal football watching. But have you ever thought about adding an extra layer of fun to your festivities? Well then, allow us to introduce you to the exciting world of Thanksgiving Bingo!

Bingo is not just a game for church basements or your local community center anymore. It’s versatile nature makes it suitable for virtually any occasion. And we think it adds that extra bit of spice (and no we’re not talking nutmeg) to Thanksgiving celebrations that will create unforgettable memories.

So how do we transform this classic pastime into an engaging activity fit for your Turkey Day celebration? Let’s dive in.

Setting up Your Thanksgiving Bingo

First things first: creating your unique Thanksgiving bingo cards. You can either make these by hand (a great activity to keep the kids busy), or use one of many online bingo card generators available.

Your squares should include things related to Thanksgiving—think ‘turkey’, ‘pilgrims’, ‘Mayflower’, ‘cranberry sauce’ or more specific items like ‘Uncle Bob falling asleep on the couch.’ The center square is traditionally marked as a free space; why not make it something everyone can be grateful for?

Don’t forget though – ensure each card has a different combination so there’s only one winner per round!

| B  | I  | N   | G   | O  |
|Turkey|Pumpkin Pie|Mashed Potatoes|"I'm stuffed"|Cranberry Sauce|
|"Black Friday Sale"|Stuffing|"Did someone say pie?"|FREE SPACE|"Who won the game?"|
|Pilgrims|Mayflower|Apple Cider|"Feeling thankful"|Football|
|Sweet Potato Casserole|Nap Time|"Pass the gravy"|Cooking Marathon|"Let's watch a movie"|
|Family Photo|"Can I have seconds?"|"Who made this delicious pie?"|"Wake up Uncle Bob"|Leftovers for a week!|

The Rules of Thanksgiving Bingo

The rules of Thanksgiving bingo are similar to traditional bingo. Choose someone to be the caller. They will call out items from their list (make sure it includes all possibilities!), and if that item is on your card, mark off that square.

For a fun twist, why not use candy corn or popcorn as markers?

First one to complete an entire row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally), shouts “Bingo!” Don’t forget to double-check their card before declaring them the winner!

Winner Declaration Sample:

“I’ve got BINGO!”

“Alright let’s check - do you have ‘Turkey’, 'Mashed Potatoes', 'FREE SPACE', 'Apple Cider' and 'Leftovers for a week!' in one line?”


“You're our Thanksgiving Bingo Champion!”

You can also play variations like ‘four corners’ where players aim to cover all four corner squares first, or ‘blackout’ where every square must be covered.

Making It More Interesting

To make things more interesting, add some rewards (or consequences). Perhaps winners get first dibs on dessert or losers help with dishwashing duties!

Thanksgiving-themed trivia could be added too. Instead of just calling out “turkey,” the caller might say something like “This bird is traditionally served at Thanksgiving dinner.” This adds an educational touch and keeps everyone engaged.

Make sure everyone has a chance to win by rotating the role of caller. This ensures everyone stays involved and the fun continues!

The Benefits of Thanksgiving Bingo

What makes Thanksgiving bingo a fantastic addition to your celebrations?

  1. Inclusivity: It’s a game that is easy to understand, making it enjoyable for all ages.
  2. Flexibility: It can be played indoors or outdoors, before dinner or after, with large groups or small.
  3. Variety: Every round can be different with unique card combinations and rule variations.
  4. Entertainment: It’s a fun way to fill time between dinner and dessert, or while waiting for late arrivals.

Thanksgiving Bingo is not just about adding another activity to your day – it’s about creating shared memories, encouraging conversation and laughter, learning something new about this historic holiday and ultimately bringing people closer together in gratitude.

So why not give it a try? Roll up your sleeves, get those bingo cards ready, and prepare for an unforgettable Thanksgiving celebration filled with joyous shouts of “BINGO!”