Have You Ever Had a Thanksgiving Birthday? Here’s What It’s Like

Hello, pals! Today, we are going to chat about something that I find entirely fascinating: Thanksgiving birthdays! For some of you, the thought of having a birthday on Turkey Day might sound unusual. But for others, this is an annual reality. As someone who celebrates their big day on the fourth Thursday in November every now and then (thanks to a rotating calendar), I’d like to share with you what it’s genuinely like to have your cake and eat turkey too!

The Pros and Cons of a Thanksgiving Birthday

Let’s kick things off by examining the advantages and disadvantages of having your special day coincide with one of America’s most cherished holidays.


1. Everyone’s around: Most people get Thanksgiving Day off from work or school, which means more friends and family will be available to celebrate with you.

2. Two celebrations in one: You’ll get to enjoy two celebrations at once – a bountiful feast AND a birthday party. And who doesn’t love double-party days?

3. Leftovers galore: Another great benefit is that there are always plenty of leftovers. This means birthday meal part II for lunch or dinner the next day!


1. Overlooked gifts: Your birthday presents might be wrapped in fall-themed or even Christmas paper due to lack of separate wrapping supplies.

2. Shared spotlight: Instead of being the star of your own day, you’re sharing billing with pilgrims and pumpkin pie.

Having weighed up these pros and cons, let’s move onto some tips on how to make Thanksgiving birthdays extra special.

How To Celebrate A Thanksgiving Birthday

Here are some tips from personal experience on how best to make your loved one feel special if they happen to be born on this holiday.

1. Separate the celebrations: Try to separate the birthday from Thanksgiving as much as possible. This could mean having a separate birthday cake rather than just pumpkin pie, or taking time out from the main Thanksgiving activities to do something special for the birthday boy or girl.

2. Make it personal: While it’s easy to get caught up in all things Thanksgiving, make sure you take some time to celebrate them specifically. This could be in the form of their favorite meal (if they’re not a turkey fan), or a specially chosen gift that shows you’ve thought about them and not just lumped their present in with everyone else’s Christmas shopping.

3. Have an alternate celebration: If your loved one doesn’t mind, consider celebrating their birthday on another day when there’s less going on. They might appreciate having a day dedicated solely to them!

Personal Tales & Traditions

Now let’s delve into some personal tales from folks who have experienced this phenomenon first-hand!

The Birthday Turkey

One friend recalls how her family would put candles in the turkey instead of a cake when she was younger! Now every year they jokingly ask if she wants candles in her turkey again – it has become somewhat of an unusual but cherished tradition!

Birthday Pies

Another pal tells me about his Grandma who makes him a special birthday pie each year instead of cake because he was born on Thanksgiving Day! A unique spin on the typical ‘Birthday Cake’ idea!

In conclusion, while having a Thanksgiving birthday can sometimes feel like being overshadowed by turkeys and stuffing, with careful planning and thoughtful gestures it can also be made into an incredibly special occasion celebrated with loved ones around plentiful food and warmth. Whether it’s embracing double-celebrations or creating new traditions —like birthday pies instead of cakes— there are many ways to make Thanksgiving birthdays memorable!