How To Keep Your Swing Set Safe With Rubber Mats Under It

Rubber mats can be a great way to protect your children when they are playing on your swing set. Rubber mats offer protection from falls and slips. Rubber mat installed under your swing set prevent children from being injured by metal or other materials found on the ground. They can help keep your kids safe and give you peace of mind.

Why you need rubber mats under your swing set

The ground beneath the swing set is typically hard and can cause bodily harm if someone falls from far enough up. Falling on a hard surface can cause injuries and even death. You don't want your children to sustain injuries by falling onto hard surfaces while playing on your swing set.

Also, the ground can be uneven, posing a potential hazard when your children are running around. Cracks and holes within the ground beneath can be hazardous for young children when they are playing.

Rubber mats effectively cushion shock by absorbing the impact of landing on hard surfaces. Rubber mats are thick enough to absorb impact while still being soft for bare feet. They can also cover holes and cracks so your children have a safe place to run and play. Rubber mats are one of the best playground surface materials you can use.

The benefits of installing rubber mats

  • Protect your children from injury during falls
  • Protects your swing set from the ground and prevents it from sinking into the ground when the swing set is placed on top.
  • Protects your swing set from rusting when the swing is on top
  • Makes the playing area around the swing safer for children to play on because the mats help to keep water from pooling and prevents slipping or falling.

What to consider before purchasing rubber mats

The rubber mats that you buy should be of good quality rubber. The rubber should not have dips in it. The rubber mats shouldn't have different thicknesses.

Interlocking mats are better than rubber mats that require you to use a different method to join them like tie wraps. The rubber should be anti-slip to avoid accidents.

Inquire about the warranty of rubber mats that you are buying before purchasing. Good, quality mats should have at least a one year warranty on them against manufacturer defects.

Measure the area where you want to put the tiles. Use your measurement to figure out what sizes tiles will be the best value. Also, you may want to adjust the size up or down to accommodate for bulk or packaging discounts.

4. How to install the mat correctly on top of your dirt or grass surface

Level the ground

It is important to level your ground before you install rubber mats because it will make it easier for you to install the rubber mats without gaps and holes. You should fill in holes and cracks so that the rubber mat can be installed without any problems.

Generally, you can use fill dirt to fill in holes . Top soil can be used, but is not the best solution because it can contain twigs and sticks. This can make it hard to get an even surface when laying the mats down.

You should lay down a weed blocking material to keep weeds from coming through the tiles.

Use rubber mats suppliers when choosing the size of your rubber mat. They will provide you with rubber mats that are customized to fit your swing set perfectly so that it is attached firmly without any gaps or holes. They can also advise you on the best method for leveling your ground if it contains cracks, holes, and irregular shapes.

If you are installing your rubber mats over concrete, you should also level the surface. The best way to level concrete before putting your rubber mats down is to use a self-leveling underlayment. You just mix it up, pour it, and spread it out over your concrete.

Laying mats down

You should have already mapped out where your tiles will go before you ordered them. Now is the time to lay them down. Start in one corner of the area you are going to cover. Put one mat down and then place another one next to it. Interlock the two mats together and insert any pins or locking mechanisms that are provided from the manufacturer.

Check that your mats are laying down properly as you go along. The mats should remain square with the area you have designed. They also should be level. Check this by placing a level on each mat as you interlock it with other mats. Then check that the entire surfaces is level by placing a straight board across it and putting the level on top.

Also, check that the edges of each mat is lining up with the edges of the mats next to it. You don't want any edges above or below the others. This could cause a tripping hazard.

The best type of mat for your needs and budget

You can find rubber mats that are thin or thick depending on the size of your swing set. The rubber mat thickness that you need depends on how your kids will use the swing set and what else they do nearby. If your kids are rough and tumble types, then select a rubber mat with greater impact resistance like 2.5" rubber mats vs. 1.5" rubber mats.

Rubber mats are rated for different fall heights. Be sure to know what the fall height is of the rubber mats you are buying. The fall height should equal or be greater than the highest point your children will go on your swing set. Consider the actual height your children will go when they are swinging.

If you're not sure where to buy rubber mats, there are many resources available. These include online retailers, big box stores, home improvement stores, and specialty rubber mat stores. It's a good idea to compare prices and quality before you make your purchase so that you can get the best rubber mat for your needs and budget.

Caring for the mats after installation

It is important to take care of your rubber mats. You should clean your rubber mats on a regular basis and not wait until they are dirty to clean them . We recommend that you wash rubber mats weekly with warm water and mild soap, as well as with a rubber mat cleaner on tough stains. For more stubborn stains or for rubber mats in area with a lot of foot traffic, we recommend using rubber mat cleaner. Rubber mat cleaner is safe to use on rubber mats, but do not use it on other surfaces like carpeting or wood floors.


Rubber mats are a great way to protect your swing set from harm. Rubber mat installation is easy and rubber mats can be found in different thicknesses, sizes, shapes, and colors. Rubber mat cleaning should happen regularly if you want them to last a long time.