Can You Hunt Deer In Your Backyard?

Many people look out their back doors and see fences or other buildings. If you're one of those people that look out your backdoor and see sprawling fields and acres of woods, then you probably see a lot of deer in your yard. The deer you see can be a welcomed guest or a nuisance. In either case, you may decide you want to hunt them.

There are some things to consider before you go out and bag a deer. First, you have to find out if it is legal to hunt deer on your land. You probably will need to get a hunting permit. You will need the right equipment. You also will need some general deer hunting know how. If you want to hunt deer in your backyard, here are some tips for safely and effectively hunting deer.

Is it legal to hunt deer in your backyard

The hunt of deer in your backyard could be legal or illegal, depending on the laws of the state. If you hunt deer in your backyard and it's illegal then there is a possibility that you could get fined with penalties and even jailed for hunting deer in your backyard. In addition to this, if you hunt deer in your backyard and it's illegal, it can affect other animals such as animals that live outside of the hunt of deer in their backyards.

The hunt of deer can be legal if it is done according to the law set by the state and your local government. Even if hunting in your yard is legal in your area, there will more than likely be restrictions. You should check local and state laws to verify what you can and can't do.

One thing to consider is how far away are you from other homes and people. Many local ordinances will specify the distance you have to be from others before using a firearm.

Hunting license

Most states require hunters to have a hunting license. Obtaining a hunting license usually entails taking a hunter's safety course and paying a fee. Some states may allow you to hunt on your own land without a license. You will have to check with your state to find out the licensing requirements.

Baiting deer in your yard

Baiting deer is basically feeding deer to attract them to your land so you can hunt them. Baiting deer is not legal in all areas. Each state will have its own regulations. You may also find certain local municipalities have there own regulations.

Though baiting deer may seem like a good idea, it can have its drawbacks. If you own a very large plot of land, baiting away from the area you inhabit can be fine. But baiting close to your home can be detrimental.

When you feed deer, particularly if you're not hunting them, many will come. This will bring predators to the area as well. Many people that have baited deer have noted an increase in coyotes.

How to hunt deer in your backyard

You have to make the right preparations when hunting deer in your backyard. Certain equipment is necessary for hunting deer. You also will need to consider the best time of day to hunt and which weapon you will use.

You'll need a gun with good range; a bow is also an option if you're skilled enough at shooting arrows accurately over long distances, but it's more difficult than shooting with a rifle or shotgun. A hunting license (depending on where you live) will probably be necessary.

You should always handle a rifle with care. Remember that safety is important because there are several ways for accidental discharges to happen, such as if the weapon is dropped or bumped into.

You can hunt from the ground or up in a tree; however, it's usually best to hunt from above because then you don't have to worry as much about being seen by the deer. Also, you can get a better perspective on deer as they approach and move away from you. You will need a deer stand to hunt from above. You can get a free standing deer stand or one that mounts in a tree.

More than likely your local government will have restrictions on the time of day you can hunt deer in your yard. Even if there aren't any rules for guiding you on what time you can hunt deer, you will want to keep your neighbors in mind when choosing the time of day. You don't want to keep them up at night with loud gun shoots when they have to get up in the morning and work.

If you decide to bait deer, you will need food to bait them with. Corn is one of the best options. Corn for feeding deer is widely available.

Why hunt deer in your backyard

Deer hunting is an amazing way to spend time with family and friends. Not only does hunting offer a great opportunity for a day out in the woods and fresh air, it also allows you to spend quality time together when preparing game for the dinner table and eating it.

Another good reason for hunting deer in your backyard is that you have an over population of deer. If there are to many deer in your area, you could be helping the ecosystem by eliminating some of them.

Deer may also be destroying your yard. Deer love to eat plants and flowers, they especially like to eat roses. They also can be very destructive especially during the rut season. If you've tried other methods to deter deer from eating in your yard, you may need to hunt some of them to stop, or at least slow, the damage they are causing.


Hunting deer in your backyard is not only a good way to hunt for meat, it’s also environmentally friendly. Deer are known to destroy plants and flowers around the yard and may even be eating all of the vegetation in certain areas of town or rural communities. If you have too many deer near by destroying your property with their hooves then hunting some is a good option for control.

You'll need a permit from either your state's Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife, or Fish & Game Commission before hunting on private land so make sure to check out their websites first. Once you have permission, there are plenty ways to hunt while staying within legal limits.