How to make a tire swing without a tree

Ideally you would have a big tree with the perfect branch to hang your tire swing on. But you, like many people, may not have that option.

In this article I'm going to tell you how you can make a tire swing without having a tree.

There are several options for making your tire swing without a tree. You can use a traditional swing set style stand. A teepee style stand is a good option. You can use a combination of an a-frame, beam, and another structure. If you have a high carport or patio, you can hang a tire swing from it.

Traditional swing set stand for your tire swing

You could buy or recycle an old swing set to use for your tire swing. Most swing sets are not that tall, so this may or may not work for you. If you find a tall swing set stand, then that would give you a greater amplitude for your swing.

You can also build your own swing stand. Kits are available from many hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot. The good thing about these kits is you can choose how long you want the wood to be. This will give you the opportunity to choose the best height and lumber for your tire swing.

Teepee style stand for your tire swing

You can find several teepee style stand in the marketplace. These stands are not really designed for tire swings, but will work if you are not using a large, heavy tire. Because these stands are not very tall, you will have a small amplitude for swinging. These ready made teepee stands are best for children's tire swings.

I saw a stand that was not quite a teepee, but was made like some of them. It would work for a tire swing. It has a circular base and three poles that go up from the base. The poles attach at the top. A swivel dangles from where the poles meet. The stand is called the Romano Stand.

You could build your own teepee style stand for your tire swing. I believe you would have to know how to weld to accomplish it. The top, where the poles meet, would have to be very strong.

Combination stand for a tire swing

If you have a shed, part of your home, or another structure that could support attaching a beam to it, you could build a stand for your tire swing. You would need an a-frame on one side to attach the beam to and a bracket to attach the beam to the structure.

It is very important that you verify your structure and the point of attachment can hold the load a tire swing will put on it.

Because this option requires you to modify an existing structure on your property, you may need to get a building permit. Contact your local zoning office to find out what is necessary.

Although this article is about making a tire swing without a tree, this combination stand will also work if you have a tree, but don't have a branch to hang the tire swing on. You can attach the beam to the tree and then to an a-frame. This option might not require you to gain a permit before building.

Carport or patio

Some carports and patios are structurally sound enough to support a tire swing. If you are unsure, have a professional check it for you.

If your carport or patio is strong enough for a tire swing, you can hang it from one of the existing beams. A 4 x 4 or 2 x 6 beam is the best option. If you don't have an existing large beam, you can fortify a 2 x 4 beam. Once you strengthen the 2 x 4, you can hang your tire swing on the 2 x 4.

Hanging your tire swing without a tree

You have two options for hanging your tire swing. You can hang the tire vertically or horizontally. Hanging it vertical is easier than hanging it horizontal, but either way is not too hard.


To hang your tire swing vertically, all you need is a rope and a drill. To start, drill drainage holes in the bottom. Then tie a running bowline knot and throw it over the beam. With the rope over the beam, pass the end without the knot through the loop created by the bowline knot. Then pull the rope through the loop until the rope and loop are snug against the beam.

Attach the tire to the rope by passing the rope through the tire a few times. Then secure the rope by tying a bowline knot or square knot.


Hanging you tire swing horizontally will require three pieces of rope, a swing swivel, a carabiner, some large washers, three wire rope clamps, and a drill.

Drill drainage holes in the bottom. Then cut three pieces of rope the length from where your swivel will be attached to the beam to where you want the tire to hang plus three feet.

To attach the ropes to the tire, you need to drill three evenly spaced holes through the top of the tire. The holes need to be just large enough for the rope to be able to pass through them. Pass the end of one rope through one hole. Then pass the end through a large washer and attach a wire rope clamp below the washer. Finally, tie an overhand knot below the wire rope clamp. Repeat this step for each of the three ropes.

To attach the ropes to the swivel you will tie a bowline knot on the end of each rope and pass the carabiner through each one. Then hook the carabiner to the swivel and close it.

Hang it anyways

Don't let a tree stand in your way of hanging your tire swing. If you don't have a tree, there are ways to hang your tire swing. An old swing set will work or you can create your own stand. Just be sure that whatever you use, it can hold the weight of the tire and the rider swinging on it.