How to hang a swing from a tree without branches?

It's not easy to hang a swing from a tree with branches. It can seem that it is even harder to hang a swing from a tree without branches.

The big question is, What will you attached the swing to?

To hang a swing from a tree without branches you have a few options. You can make your own branch. You can use a beam attached to the tree and an A-frame. A beam attached to the tree and a nearby building. A beam that is fixed between two trees. Finally, straps connected between two trees.

Make your own branch

It would be great if every tree had a branch for you to hang your swing on. It is apparent that you have a tree that doesn't have a branch to hang your swing on. The first solution is to create your own branch.

To create your own branch you should mount a 2x6 or 4x4 beam to your tree. Then brace the beam with another 2x6 or two 2x4's.

Cut your beam for the branch about 6 feet long. Then cut your supporting beam about 2 feet long with 45 degree angles on both ends. Use a joist beam bracket to attach the branch to the tree. Then use angled beam brackets to attache the supporting beam to the branch and to the tree. This type of hanging system will not be able to hold large loads. Test it before putting a rider on a swing that is hung from it.

If you want to do this without drilling holes in your tree, you can use band brackets and attach the wood to the brackets. You need to buy band brackets that are rated for the load you will be applying to your swing.

You can also use an artificial branch. Artificial branches are prefabricated to mount to a tree. They are usually made of steel. These instant branches can help you put up a tree swing fast.

A beam attached to your tree and an A-frame

This solution is very similar to having a swing set. You need a 2x6 or 4x4 beam to hang your swing from. Then you need 4x4 beams to to make your A-frame.

The length of your top beam and the length of your A-frame beams will depend on what type of swing and how high you will hang the swing. As a general rule, you could make your top beam (branch) about 8 feet long. And your A-frame beams 10 - 12 feet long.

Attach your top beam to your tree with a joist beam bracket. Then attach it to the A-frame.

To see how to build an A-frame and attach it to your beam, visit .

A beam attached to the tree and a nearby building

Another way to hang your swing from a tree without a branch is to attach a beam to your tree and a nearby structure. First, you have to confirm the integrity of the tree and structure. Test to be sure both of them support the beam and swings load.

If your tree and building checkout okay, then you can hang a 2x6 or 4x4 beam between them. Use joist beam brackets to attach the beam to your tree and building. If the distance between your building and your tree is greater than 10 feet, you may want to use a 6x6 or two 2x6 boards together.

Fix a beam between two trees

Two trees can work great for setting up a beam between them. The trees both need to be strong and sturdy. You don't want the trees to be too far apart. Probably 10 to 12 feet is the furthest you want to go.

The beam should be a 4x4 or 2x6. If you intend to have larger riders on your swing, then you may want to put a 6x6 or two 2x6 mounted together. Use joist beam brackets to attach the beam to both trees.

Straps connected between two trees

Another alternative is to hang your swing between two trees with straps. To create the swing support you will need to large straps, a small strap with D-rings on both ends, and two carabiner hooks.

First, wrap the large straps around the trees. One strap on each tree. Then attach the end of each strap not wrapped around the tree to one D-ring of the small strap. One strap should be attached to one D-ring and the other strap should be attached to the other D-ring.

The straps should be adjusted so that the configuration creates a tight, strong support for your swing. After attaching the large straps to the small strap, attach the one carabiner to each D-ring. Finally, tie your swings ropes to the carabiners.

If you only need one rope hung for your swing, attach your two large straps together with a large carabiner and then hang your rope from it. This would eliminate the smaller strap in the two rope setup.

Supporting your beam

Although your beam maybe a very strong piece of wood. It is a good idea to have extra support to strengthen it and keep it from shifting. The best way to do this is to put a support beam on the ends of the beam.

You can create a support beam by cutting a 2x6 or 4x4 about 2 – 3 feet long with 45 degree angles on the end. Then attach one end to the underside of the support beam and the other end to tree.


A tree limb, beam, or other apparatus can look safe to use for a swing. If you don't know how to hang a beam, straps, or even a swing properly, don't try to do this without profession help. If you are unsure, contact some one that can access your needs and guide you in the right directions for hanging your tree swing.

Wrap up

Just because your tree doesn't have a branch you can hang a swing from, it doesn't mean you can enjoy a tree swing in your backyard. A tree with no horizontal branch can still be a good tree to hang a swing. You just need to do a little improvisation. Follow one of the several methods described in this article and you will be able to hang a swing without branches.