When to Apply Iron to Your Lawn and Get Greener Grass

Iron is present in every lawn. If it wasn’t you probably wouldn’t have any grass. Iron serves to aid your grass in producing chlorophyll.

More iron in your soil will make your grass greener. Too much iron may kill your grass. Applying the right amount, type, and at the right time are very important to the health of your lawn.

The best time to apply iron is in the spring when your grass is just waking up from its dormant state. Your grass has been resting all winter long and has not been producing much chlorophyll. Now that the spring has arrived it is ready to grow. This means it is ready to produce lots of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is what makes your grass green. Iron is necessary for your grass to make chlorophyll.

The beginning of spring is a good indicator of when to apply iron to your lawn. You will, however, need to determine exactly when in the spring to give iron to your lawn. It is best to wait until you get consistent 60 degree weather.

How much iron to add

Grass doesn’t need a lot of iron to grow. If your grass is yellowing, iron may help it, but there are some things you should check first. First, you should check the soil’s pH to make sure it is between 6.0 and 7.2, depending on your type of grass. Anything outside of that range will effect how your grass grows. If your grass’ soil is out of the correct pH range, you should fix it before adding iron.

Next, you should determine if your lawn is getting enough water. First, water your lawn on a regular schedule. If you are not already doing this, start and continue for a few weeks before adding any iron.

Second, test your lawn for its nitrogen level. If your lawn is deficient in nitrogen, use fertilizer to add more nitrogen. Nitrogen is a key element is the production of chlorophyll.

If your lawn is not yellow, but green already, you still need to test the soil pH to know what type of iron to add. If your pH is above 7.0 you will need to use a chelated iron that is made for alkaline soil. If you use ferrous sulfate or a chelated iron that is not made for alkaline soil, the iron will not be absorbed by your grass.

To make your grass greener, you should add about 0.5 to 1 ounce of iron per 1000 square feet of lawn. Anything more than this can harm your grass.

What type of iron to add, chelated or Ironite

Ironite is a brand of iron fertilizer that contains iron in the form of ferrous sulfate, nitrogen, potassium and other nutrients. Ferrous sulfate is water soluble in soil that has a pH less than 7.0. If it is higher, then the iron cannot be absorbed by your grass.

Chelated iron is made of iron ions bond to non-metal ions. The non-metal ions help protect the iron from oxidation. There are a variety of chelated irons that can be applied to your lawn. Each has a specific use. I would direct you to an article about the different types of iron for your lawn on smart-fertilizer.com if you want to learn more. https://www.smart-fertilizer.com/articles/iron/

What does iron do to your lawn

Iron works with other nutrients, particularly nitrogen, and water to produce chlorophyll in your grass. When the right amount of iron and other needed nutrients are present in your lawn and the soil pH is correct, your grass is healthy and green.

If the soil pH is too high or there is too much manganese or nitrogen, then your grass may not be able to absorb enough iron to make chlorophyll. Also, if your lawn is over watered, you may end up with an iron deficiency.

Can too much iron kill grass

In most cases, too much iron won’t kill your grass. It is a possibility that it could kill your grass if the levels of iron in your soil were at a very extreme state.

When too much iron is given too grass it will turn a green black color. This color will go away when the excess iron is used up. Giving adequate water can help to ensure the process happens as fast as it can.

Does iron burn grass

Natural chelated iron doesn’t burn grass. It can make it turn black if you apply too much iron. Ironite can potentially burn grass because it is contains nitrogen. But the amount of nitrogen is so low that it would take a lot of Ironite to burn your lawn.

What ever product you decide to use, follow the manufacturer’s directions. They will have the most experience with their product.

How long will it take to see results

You will usually see result of applying iron to your lawn in a few weeks. If you don’t see any results after several weeks, you may have another problem going on with your lawn.

If your grass is still yellow or not getting greener, check the soil’s pH. As stated earlier, if your soil’s pH is alkaline, most iron products will not be absorbed by your grass. Make sure the iron you are using is rated for the pH of your lawn’s soil.

Does iron get rid of weeds

Iron can help to control weed naturally in your lawn. Iron can be toxic to weeds if enough is present in your lawn. Apply extra iron to kill weeds, but don’t over do it, or you may turn your lawn black.

Get the green lawn you want

Applying iron to your lawn properly can give you a green lawn. Some considerations have to be made before applying it. Get your soil’s pH within the recommended range for the type of grass you have growing. Supply the right amount of water to your grass. Check your nitrogen level to see if there is enough for green grass.

Once you have confirmed the right levels of everything your lawn needs to grow strong and healthy, you can apply iron to your lawn to make it greener.