Find Out What Animals Eat Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are a popular cruciferous vegetable and part of the cabbage family. They are rich in nutrients and have a unique flavor when cooked correctly. Even though Brussels sprouts can be enjoyed by humans, they’re also eaten by certain animals. In this article, we’ll take a look at different animals that love to eat Brussels sprouts.



Chickens love to eat Brussels sprouts! As omnivores, they will happily peck away at these small green vegetables. Chicken owners should be careful not to over-feed them with Brussels sprouts because they are high in calories and can lead to unhealthy weight gain in chickens.


Like chickens, ducks also enjoy eating Brussels sprouts as part of their diet. They will pick them off the ground or from your plate if offered some. When feeding ducks Brussels sprouts, make sure to keep an eye on them so that you don’t end up overfeeding them with too many calories for their size and age group.


Turkeys are another type of bird that loves eating Brussels sprouts. Generally speaking, turkeys prefer fresh vegetables such as cucumbers or lettuce more than cooked food like Brussels Sprout dishes – however, they will still gobble up the occasional Brussels sprout if it is available to them.


Quail enjoy eating small pieces of raw Brussels Sprout leaves. This makes these vegetables great treats for quails living in captivity or being kept as pets at home. However, it is important to limit their intake because too much can give them digestive problems due to its high fiber content which could cause constipation or even indigestion in some cases.

Wild Birds

Wild birds often feed on various grains and seeds but they do sometimes snack on Brussels Sprout leaves when available. This is especially true during winter months when there isn’t much other food around for wild birds to find – so adding some Brussels Sprout leaves into bird feeders outside your house might attract some feathered friends during those cold months!


Geese may not seem like the most likely animal to consume Brussels Sprouts but believe it or not – geese enjoy eating them too. Many goose owners report that their pet geese start honking excitedly whenever fresh Brussels Sprout leaves are presented – making it one of their favorite snacks for sure.


Pigeons have long been known as scavengers who will pretty much eat anything that comes their way – including Brussels Sprout leaves. Pigeons may have a reputation for being quite messy creatures but they can actually be quite picky when it comes to the food they choose to eat – so if you ever see them picking up some Brussels Sprouts off the ground it could be because they like the taste of them.


Peacocks are large, majestic birds that are known for their vibrant and colorful feathers – but did you know that they also really enjoy eating Brussels sprouts? It may sound strange at first but these beautiful creatures actually have a real thing for these small green vegetables and will happily pick away at them.


Parrots can be quite fussy eaters when it comes to their diet – but, Brussels Sprouts seem to pass the test with flying colors! Parrots tend to favor sweet fruits such as apples or bananas more than anything else – however, they do seem to enjoy snacking on some Brussels Sprouts now and then as well.


Domestic Pigs

Domestic pigs usually consume grains, hay, fruits and vegetables as part of their daily diet – but did you know that they also love eating Brussels sprouts too? Pigs are generally very fond of fresh vegetables so adding some Brussels Sprout leaves into their food bowl is a great way to give them a nutrient-rich snack that’s full of flavor.


Squirrels are known for being clever little critters who aren’t afraid to go out of their way to find something tasty. Well, it turns out that one of those tasty things happens to be Brussels Sprout leaves. These furry little rodents often sneak onto balconies or gardens in search of something delicious – so keep an eye out for any sneaky squirrels munching away on your Brussels Sprouts if you ever spot one near your home.


Rabbits enjoy eating Brussels sprouts. They are a good source of vitamins and minerals and are high in fiber. Rabbits can eat them raw or cooked. When feeding your rabbit Brussels sprouts, it is important to feed them in moderation.



Snakes may not be everyone’s favorite animal due to their creepy appearance – but surprisingly enough, snakes do enjoy eating Brussels sprouts from time to time. Snakes typically feed on smaller animals such as mice or lizards but will occasionally go after some fresh vegetation too if available. So don’t be surprised if you ever see a snake slithering around with some fresh Brussels sprout leaves in its mouth.


Insects may not be the most obvious animal when thinking about what eats Brussels Sprouts – but believe it or not, certain species of bugs such as caterpillars eat these vegetables too! Caterpillars typically feed on foliage such as leaves or grass – so Brussels Sprout leaves make for an excellent snack for them in between meals.


Worms are commonly seen burrowing through the soil in search of food – and Brussels Sprout leaves make a great snack for them too. Since worms don’t have teeth, they rely on their gums to tear apart tough vegetation to feed – making Brussels Sprout leaves an ideal meal option due to their hardy texture.

What Animals Eat Brussels Sprouts Conclusion

As we can see from this article, there is no shortage of animals who love eating Brussels sprouts! From chickens and ducks to reptiles and even insects – these small green vegetables seem to appeal to many different types of creatures across the board. So next time you have a surplus of Brussels Sprouts around your home – consider offering some up to your feathered or furry friends – they might just surprise you with how much they enjoy them.