What to do with a tree stump in your front yard

Trees provide countless benefits for all of us. From soil and water conservation, oxygen, food, shelter, medicine, and shade, trees are fundamental resources for our survival.

Trees can also add color, beauty, privacy, and value to your yards. But as trees grow older, these can get infected with pests or pose safety hazards leading to tree death or causing your to purposely cut them down.

Either way, this leaves you with a tree stump that can be unsightly and dangerous.

In your backyard, tucked away in a corner, leaving a tree stump untouched may not be so bad. But in the front yard, you may not want to leave the stump as is. You could have someone grind it out or rot it out with epsom salt. But before taking the extra effort and energy to have the stump removed, you might want to consider keeping it in your yard.

One note, if you stump is from a palm tree you may not be able to do everything you can with other tree stumps. For more information check out our article on removing a palm tree stump.

How to deal with a tree stump

There are several ways to improve an unappealing tree stump and make it a part of your front yard landscape.

You can turn a tree stump in the front yard into:

  • a game or farm table
  • a chair or bench
  • modify and incorporate it in your kids’ playground design
  • a stump garden
  • a pot stand
  • a birdhouse or bath
  • a garden decoration or sculpture

Plants to hide tree stumps

Removing tree stumps can be costly, especially if you need the help of a professional. Doing the DIY approach will still cost you energy, time, and money for the chemicals or equipment. Why not focus your energy into converting the stump into something colorful and beautiful?

Decorate with some plants and your old tree stump can now become a source of inspiration. With a little work and basic gardening skills, you'll love this additional piece in your yard.

Virginia creeper

This plant is a fast growing vine that will add spectacular color to your yard. The five-pointed leaves of Virginia creeper look like an ordinary green, but turn into a beautiful crimson during colder temperatures.

Requiring very minimal care, light pruning, and suitable to almost any type of environment, Virginia creeper is the top choice if you have novice gardening skills.

Climbing hydrangea

Add a touch of green and blooms in your front yard while simultaneously camouflaging old tree stumps. Native to Asia and Siberia, climbing hydrangea does well in both partially lit and full shade areas provided they are consistently watered.

Climbing hydrangea blooms fully in vibrant colors when exposed to more sunlight.

Solomon’s seal

Solomon’s seal is an elegant addition to your yard. It will spread a blanket of golden yellow foliage in autumn. It comes in different varieties.

The common variety can grow from 1 to 2 feet tall. The giant varieties can reach 5 feet tall. It can beautifully hide that unpleasant tree stump in your front yard. With ample soil moisture, partial shade, and an organic mix of fertilizer, you can convert your ordinary yard into a woodland garden with Solomon's seal.


Lavender will make a stunning addition to your yard while hiding an old tree stump. Lavender comes in different colors: white, yellow, pale pink, blue-violet, and more. Consider the English lavender variety if your yard has enough shade. French and Spanish lavenders are suitable for hot and humid conditions.

Other plants that you can use to decorate old tree stumps are:

  • Sweet peas
  • Bigroot geranium
  • Clematis
  • Azaleas
  • Carolina Jessamine
  • Red barrenwort
  • Oakleaf hydrangea

Cover tree stump with soil

Skip the tedious work and costly process of removing a tree stump in your front yard by doing this easy and affordable solution - cover the tree stump with soil.

Forget about manual and chemical removal. Let nature do the work for you. Use an ax or drill to create a hole in the stump. Then, cover the hole with soil and regularly water it to speed up the decaying process.

This natural process of removing an ugly tree stump may take the longest compared to other methods, but is also the cheapest and the least daunting method.

Or better yet, cover the hole with soil and add seasonal blooms to add color and texture to your front yard.

If you don't intend on use the space where the tree stump is located, then covering it will soil may be the best thing you can do.

What to grow around a tree stump

You may want to get rid of an old tree stump, but you can save yourself from the bone-breaking process by planting succulents or flowers to brighten up your yard.

Fill the area around the tree stump with soil, compost, and add some draining materials. Once ready, you can add your favorite flowers, succulents, or annuals, or perennials fitting to your climate or environment.

You might want to add:

  • Succulents
  • Lavender
  • Hardy hibiscus
  • Oriental lily
  • Delphinium
  • Joe Pye Weed
  • Ornamental grass seeds
  • Bamboos
  • Ivy and vines

How to decorate a tree stump in landscape

A tree stump in your front yard does not have to be an eyesore. It can be a functional and beautiful addition to your yard. Here are some helpful ideas to make use of a tree stump in your landscape design:

Make it a planter

Simply hollow out the middle part of the stump, add draining material, soil, fertilizer, and your choice of flowers or plants.

Plant stand

You may add a little creativity by painting the tree stump a solid color or a unique pattern. Then put your potted plants on top of the stump, creating an instant plant stand.

Garden table

Utilize the tree stump as a mini garden table. Peel off the bark, clean it up, sand, and stain. Now you have a functional outdoor table.

Board game table

Turn it into a game board table where you can play a fun backyard game. Your tree stump will becomes a healthy alternative to gadgets and screen time.


Invite birds to your yard by converting a tree stump into a birth bath. With clean water readily available, wild birds will be happy to swing by.

Garden sculpture

If you have the skills, you can design an amazing form to add interest to your yard. This option is only recommended if you have the extra money to pay for a professional wood artist or now how to carve the stump yourself.

Raised bed over tree stump

Make that unattractive tree stump a great source of natural nutrients for your vegetables or flowers. Make a raised bed over your front yard tree stump.

Build a box around your tree stump out of rot-resistant material, fill it with good soil, then plant flowers or veggies of your choice. As the stump rots, it will provide nutrients to your plants.

You can try tomatoes, eggplants, basil, mushrooms, pansies, daffodils, begonias, cosmos, or bell peppers to start.


As you can see, there are many things you can do with a tree stump in your front yard. Take a little time and think about what you would like to do with your tree stump. With a little creativity you will come up with a design that will have all of your neighbors wondering how you did it.