Celebrating Thanksgiving in All Its Colors

Hello, color enthusiasts! As we approach the heartwarming season of Thanksgiving, I thought it would be perfect to talk about the vibrant hues that make this holiday so special. Thanksgiving is more than just a day filled with family, friends, and delectable dishes; it’s also an explosion of colors that paint our world and homes in warm undertones! From burnt oranges to earthy browns and deep reds, let’s dive into the rich palette of Thanksgiving.

Understanding The Traditional Colors

Ever wondered why we associate certain colors with Thanksgiving? Well, there’s history woven into each shade.


Orange holds prime importance when we talk about Thanksgiving colors. It represents the bountiful harvest season. This color comes from all those pumpkins (pumpkin pies anyone?), autumn leaves, carrots, butternut squash soup – all those delightful things associated with fall and our feast table. Pumpkins especially are a symbol of harvest time and featured on almost every table as pumpkin pie during thanksgiving dinners.


Next up is brown – another dominant color for this holiday. It symbolizes the earthiness of fall and harvest. Think turkey on your dinner plate or acorns underfoot during your evening stroll. Brown also represents stability and support which aligns well with the concept of giving thanks for what we have.


Red may not be as prominent as orange or brown in Thanksgiving decor but still holds significance. Red signifies the change in leaf color during Autumn which often varies between stunning shades of red to orange. It’s also associated with apples used for making mouthwatering apple pies!


Then comes yellow – representing cornucopias filled with fruits like bananas and corn husks used for decoration purposes. Yellow is often linked with gold which stands for warmth, happiness, and the blessing of a bountiful harvest.


Last but not least is purple. You might wonder what role does purple play? It’s actually associated with fruits like grapes and figs which are often incorporated into traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Purple also signifies royalty & richness, adding a unique flavor to the mix of Thanksgiving colors.

Decorating With Thanksgiving Colors

Now that we’ve understood the significance behind these colors, let’s talk about how we can incorporate them into our homes for Thanksgiving!

Here are some ideas:

  1. Thanksgiving table setting: Use a brown tablecloth as your base, then add pops of orange and red through napkins or centerpiece decor. Gold cutlery would perfectly complement this setup.

  2. Wreaths: Create your own wreath using autumn leaves in shades of red, yellow, and orange. Add some small pumpkins or acorns to enhance its look.

  3. Candles: What better way to create a warm and cozy environment than with candles! Choose candles in deep reds or vibrant oranges to set up an ideal ambiance for your space.

  4. Pumpkin decorations: Carve out some pumpkins or simply paint them in different hues of brown and place them around your house – on the porch, hallway or even dining area!

  5. Throw pillows & blankets: Add seasonal throw pillows in bright oranges, yellows or even purples to your living room sofa for that extra festive touch.

  6. Table runner & placemats: Investing in earth-toned placemats and runners can instantly liven up your dinner table setup making it more welcoming for the feast!

Remember, decorating for Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming – use what you have at home and add touches of these colors to make your space feel warm, inviting, and festive.

Dressing Up in Thanksgiving Colors

Finally, let’s talk about the most fun part – dressing up! Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to incorporate those beautiful fall shades into your wardrobe. Here are some outfit ideas:

  1. Orange Sweater: Pair it with jeans for a casual look or a skirt for something more dressed up.

  2. Brown Boots: These are perfect as they match well with almost anything while giving off that autumn vibe!

  3. Red Scarf: Add it to any neutral outfit for a pop of color.

  4. Yellow accessories: Think earrings, bracelets or even belts – adding yellow accents can make your outfit stand out.

  5. Purple Dress: A deep purple dress would be perfect for a family dinner – classy yet festive!

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful and spending time with loved ones. And what better way to celebrate than by embracing the delightful hues associated with this holiday? So go ahead, sprinkle some orange here, splash some brown there and have yourself an unforgettable colorful Thanksgiving!