The Wonderful World of Thanksgiving Animals

Hello, animal lovers and Thanksgiving enthusiasts! As we prepare to dive into our annual turkey feast, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on the different critters that have become synonymous with this beloved holiday. From the iconic turkey to dogs participating in festive shows, animals hold an important role in our Thanksgiving celebrations. Join us as we uncover some fascinating facts about these wonderful ‘Thanksgiving’ animals.

Turkeys: The Stars of the Show

Let’s start with the most obvious one – turkeys! Turkeys are not just for eating; they have been a part of American history and culture for centuries. Native Americans revered turkeys long before the Pilgrims arrived, using their feathers for ceremonial dress and their meat as food. When Europeans came over, they were fascinated by these large birds and started domesticating them. But did you know that each year since 1947, two lucky turkeys receive Presidential Pardons? That’s right – every year at the White House Rose Garden ceremony aptly named “Turkey Pardon”, two turkeys are spared from ending up on dinner tables. They retire on a farm where they can live out their days peacefully.

Dogs: Man’s Best Friend and Entertainer

Next up are man’s best friend – dogs! Sure, they’re not typically associated directly with Thanksgiving like turkeys are but if you’re a fan of watching TV after your Thanksgiving meal then you’ll know all about the National Dog Show. The National Dog Show is an annual event aired every Thanksgiving Day since 2002 right after Macy’s Parade. It features over 2000 purebred dogs competing across various categories including Working Group, Toy Group, Non-Sporting Group…the list goes on! With so many adorable pups strutting their stuff on stage, it sure makes for great entertainment while you digest your meal!

Squirrels: Unexpected Guests

Squirrels? You might be wondering, “What do they have to do with Thanksgiving?” Well, it turns out that these little critters often play a role in our fall décor. From cute and crafty centerpieces to outdoor decorations, squirrels are a common sight during this time of the year. Even more interestingly, some people consider watching squirrels gather nuts for winter as an integral part of their Thanksgiving tradition. So, next time you see a squirrel scampering around your backyard this season, remember – they’re just celebrating Thanksgiving in their own way!

Deer: Symbols of Abundance

Deer may not be the first animal that comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving but they hold significant meaning for many Native American tribes. Often seen as symbols of abundance and fertility, deer represented the plentiful harvests celebrated during traditional autumn feasts. These graceful creatures also make frequent appearances in modern-day Thanksgiving décor. Plus, late November is smack dab in the middle of deer hunting season in many parts of U.S., making deer surprisingly relevant to many families’ Thanksgiving traditions.

Conclusion: A Wild Celebration!

While we’ve covered some popular animals associated with Thanksgiving here, there’s a whole menagerie out there adding color and life to our celebrations. As we give thanks for our blessings this holiday season, let’s not forget about our furry (or feathered) friends who contribute to making this holiday so special! Whether you’re cheering on your favorite dog breed at the National Dog Show or simply enjoying watching wildlife prepare for winter from your window – take a moment this year to appreciate nature’s bounty around us. After all isn’t that what Thanksgiving is truly about?

And who knows? Maybe one day we’ll expand our traditions beyond turkeys and start pardoning other animals too…now wouldn’t that be something!