Patio Swing That Converts To Bed: Buying Guide (All You Need To Know)

Sitting up on your patio swing is enjoyable. But sometimes you and maybe someone else want to lay down and swing or just rest motionless on your patio. Just like a futon or day bed, there are patio swings that convert to a bed.

In this guide, I’m going to discuss all of the things you should think about when looking for a patio swing bed. So grab yourself something to drink, sit back, and let’s get started on your patio swing bed learning adventure.

Frame material

Patio swing beds frames can be made of several different materials. The most common materials used are steel, aluminum, and wood.

The steel frames are usually powdered coated to color the frame and protect the steel from rusting. You can also find galvanized steel patio swing frames. Galvanized frames can be left unpainted. Steel frames are heavy duty and can last a long time if they are properly cared for.

Aluminum patio swing bed frames are the lightest of all the choices available. They come powdered coated if you want one that is colored. You can also get them unpainted and leave them that way. Aluminum holds up well in many weather conditions because it will not rust.

Built in canopy

Many patio swing beds come with a canopy. You can get patio swing beds without a canopy. A canopy is a really good idea if you plan on moving the swing into your yard some times. Also, a canopy can help block the sun. They are usually adjustable and can be detached.

Patio swing bed canopies are made of vinyl, polyester, or plastic. The vinyl and plastic covers are waterproof, while the polyester is water-resistant. A polyester canopy will allow more light to pass through then the other canopies. This can be good if you want the warmth from the sun to hit you while you lay on your swing bed.

Are patio swing beds comfortable

The underlying swing cushion support and the cushion determine how comfortable your patio swing bed will be. The most important item is the cushion. The material used in the cushions construction and its thickness can vary greatly between swing beds.

You should look at firmness ratings, thickness, and what the outer shell of the cushion is made of. The best information on comfort, though, will come from reading other buyers experiences. As an example, my wife was reading a review the other day about a sofa. Someone said to buy the sofa if you like sitting on concrete because that’s what it feels like. I pretty sure that information was not in the description.

Patio swing bed size

Most of the patio swing bed cushions I have seen are about 64” long and 38” wide. The cushions can be any where from 1” to 4” thick. The swings are about 65” tall including the canopy. The bed from the ground to the cushion is about 18”. Most patio swing beds are not more then 85” wide.

You will need to consult the documentation for the swing bed you intend to buy to get exact measurements. This information is just to give you an idea about how big a patio swing bed can be.


Some patio swing beds come with pillows, but some don’t. Read the description before you buy a swing bed. Many times there are pillows shown in the picture, but the pillows don’t come with the bed. They are props place in the image to give you an idea of how you can use the swing.

Consider buying pillow and cushion covers that are waterproof if your swing bed is going to be subject to a lot of the outdoor elements. This way you can take them off and wash them.

Protecting from weather

Your swing bed may come with material that is UV resistant. This will help to keep it from fading, but if you leave it in the sun, it will fade over time. It is best to try and place it an area that doesn’t get much sun when you are not using it.

You can hang shades along your patio to block the sun from hitting it. You can also cover the entire swing when you aren’t using it.

Rain and snow are also factors you need to consider. Both can cause your bed swing to mold. Mineral deposits can also be left when water evaporates. Protecting your swing from these elements can save you a lot of money and headaches.

Weight Capacity

Consider buying a swing bed that has a higher weight capacity than what you will actually need. The reason for this is simple. A swing bed made for a higher weight capacity is going to be more durable. If you get a swing bed that is close to the real weight you are going to put on it, the frame and springs will likely wear-down faster.

I would suggest reading the reviews carefully when considering the bed weight capacity, especially the part of the bed that is formed from the back of the swing chair. Swing beds use a hinge system to fold the back of the swing down to form the entire bed.

Swing beds that are engineered correctly are strong at this joint and have good support for the entire bed. But some swing beds are made with poor engineering. This will be apparent in the hinges used and the underlying support of the bed.

Keep your patio bed swing from blowing over

You bed swing seat and canopy will act like a sail when the wind kicks up under your patio. When deciding which patio swing bed to buy, factor in how you will secure it from blowing over. Make sure there are places on the frame that will allow you to anchor the frame to the ground with clamps or sandbags.

Final words

There are a lot of great choices out there for your patio swing bed. You need to consider where you will use your swing bed and keep your swing bed when it is not in use. Also, look at the construction of the cushions to decide if they will suit you comfort level. Choosing a weight capacity that is more than the load you will use is a plus. All-in-all, read the descriptions and reviews to truly know what your are buying.