How to turn yellow grass green fast

Many times we don’t think about the color of our grass. Maybe it is summer time and the grass is green. Or it is winter and the grass has become dormant and turned brown.

There are times when we want or need our grass to be green, but its yellow or brown. Maybe you are trying to sell your house and need your grass to look its best for curb appeal. Or you’re having a party and you want some vibrant green grass to spruce up the mood.

So, how do you turn yellow grass green, fast?

There are several ways to quickly make your yellow grass green. Some are not the quite what you would think to do when you want green grass. While others make complete sense because they are pure chemistry.

In this article, I’m going to discuss several ways your can turn your yellow grass green fast.

Spray paint

Though spray painting your grass may seem unconventional, there are many people that use it to make their grass green in a hurry. I first came across this concept when I saw the local levee board reconstructing the levees near my house.

I passed by one day and the grass on the whole level was yellow and brown. Then, about a week later, I passed by and it was all green. It made me scratch my head. Then I saw them spraying the green paint on a section further down.

I got out of my car and looked at it closely. Up close I could tell it was spray painted. But from a distance, and I believe if I really wasn’t looking for it, I couldn’t tell that is was painted and not naturally green.

You can get grass spray paint two different ways. You can buy it in an aerosol can or as a concentrated liquid. If you get the concentrated liquid paint, you usually need to mix it with water and then put it in a spray bottle.


Adding fertilizer to your grass can help to turn it green fast. The chemical that helps make it green is nitrogen. You have to be careful with applying nitrogen to your lawn. If you apply too much too quickly you could burn your lawn. This would not help it turn green, but would damage your grass.

Also, the other ingredients that are used with the nitrogen will determine how long your grass stays green. Most of the chemicals needed occur naturally through the decaying process. But you can help it along by adding them to your lawn.

Not all fertilizers work the same way

It would be great if you could just add a bunch of nitrogen to your yard or just add any fertilizer to your lawn and have it turn it green. But it doesn’t work that way. Each fertilizer is different and will have different effects on your grass.


Milorganite is a fertilizer created in Milwaukee by the Sewerage District. It is produced by adding microbes to the waste water. The microbes consume the waste water and then die. The Sewerage District then dries them and bags them for use as fertilizer. That explanation is an over simplification of a complex process they use to create their fertilizer.

Milorganite is a slow release product that contains 6% nitrogen and 2.5% iron. Both the nitrogen and iron are used by your grass to turn it from yellow to green. Milorganite will help you get your grass green fairly quickly if you apply the right amount at the right time. They have a wealth of information on their website about how to use their product,


Ammonia is rich in nitrogen. Some forms of ammonia can contain more than 80% nitrogen. Many fertilizers use ammonia to add nitrogen to their formulas. These fertilizer will make your grass green fast, but they can also add too much nitrogen too fast. This can cause your lawn to burn.

If you are going to use a fertilizer that has ammonia in it, you should test it on a small area before applying it to the whole lawn.

You can also make your own lawn fertilizer using ammonia hydroxide. There is a good recipe on

Artificial turf

If your lawn is in poor condition and you don’t want to fool around with regrowing it, you may want to use artificial turf. Artificial turf is a very quick way to make your lawn green.

Artificial turf will never turn yellow and doesn’t need to be tended to like real grass. The down sides to artificial turf are that you don’t get that natural feel and some studies show it is toxic. It is especially toxic when it is heated.


If you don’t have any grass or your yellow grass is not dormant grass, but dead grass, then you can put down sod to get a green lawn fast. Before you put the sod down, you should add a slow release fertilizer to the soil.

Once you have the sod in place, you need to give it an ample supply of water. You also should use a mild spray on fertilizer once weekly to give it the nutrients it needs to make strong roots in your ground and grow healthy.


There are some good ways to get your grass looking greener faster. You don’t have to settle for yellow grass. If it is the winter time or you need your grass to be green is a rush, then spraying green grass paint on it is your best solution.

If you have a little time, but still want to see some results in a week, nitrogen and iron rich fertilizers will give you the desired effect. If you don’t have any grass or it is dead, sod will be the fastest way to get green grass. As an alternative, you could use artificial turf. Just remember that it has been known to be toxic.