How To Keep Squirrels Away Naturally – A Non-toxic Guide

Do no harm. If that is your motto when it comes to dealing with squirrels, but you need to keep them out, then this article on how to keep squirrels away naturally is for you.

There are literally hundreds of different ways that people have tried to keep squirrels away. I am going to give you some of the best ones I have found. Many are general steps and applications you can apply to your yard or house to deter squirrels. Others are specific to certain scenarios.

Is Vinegar a deterrent for squirrels?

Vinegar can deter squirrels, but not for the reasons some people think. A lot of people say that vinegar deters squirrels because of the smell. If a squirrel gets a hold of a bowl of vinegar, then the smell may deter them. But the smell in a yard after it has been sprayed with vinegar will hardly stop a squirrel for even a moment.

I believe it is the taste of vinegar that deters squirrels first. Once a squirrel has encountered vinegar, then the smell will deter them because they have tasted it before. Now, I could be wrong about the scent deterring squirrels before they have actually tasted it.

Squirrels have a very good sense of smell. They use their noses to find things and differentiate between friend or foe. So, diluted vinegar could irritate them enough to keep them away. This is certainly the case for some of the other types of natural deterrents.

One note, it seems that apple cider vinegar works better than white vinegar. No one has really been able to explain why.

If you do decide to use vinegar to deter squirrels, dilute it with water. One added benefit of spraying a vinegar water solution on your yard is it will get rid of some unwanted aphids.

When squirrels are getting into your shed or garage, you can try placing an open container of vinegar where they are entering. You can also try placing a rag in the container to act as a wick.

Does aluminum foil deter squirrels?

It seems that aluminum foil deters squirrels. No one can come up with an exact reason why. Some believe it is because squirrels don’t like shiny things. Others think the noise scares them away.

Most people have had success with aluminum foil keeping squirrels away when they cover flower pots or wrap it around the base of their vegetable wire cages.

One reason I have not seen discussed as to why squirrels don’t like aluminum foil is that is may trigger a sense of danger in them. Many of their natural predators have white in them. Aluminum is highly reflective and they may not be able to tell if a predator is present. The aluminum may camouflage a predator.

Does Irish Spring soap repel squirrels?

Using Irish Spring soap to repel squirrels is probably not the best thing you can do. Yes, the smell will make some squirrels turn the other way. Or at least avoid the area where the Irish Spring is located. But it is not going to keep squirrels out of your yard or shed.

Beside the fact that it won’t really do the job you want it to, it is an eyesore in your yard. Who wants chunks or bars of green soap all over their yard.

A better solution is to mix up some basic soap with water and spices, then spray that in your yard. The soap is really optional. The main reason for using it is to help the water and spices cling to the leaves of your plants.

Will paprika deter squirrels?

Paprika by itself won’t have a great effect on deterring squirrels. Paprika is made from mild peppers. It tends to be bitter. If you sprinkle dried paprika it will have a greater effect in deterring squirrels when they spell it because some of the actual paprika may get in their noses. The issue you will have with sprinkling dried paprika is it will easily wash away.

Mixing paprika with water or oil and then spraying it will deter squirrels once they have tasted it. Paprika is better used to deter squirrels when it is mixed with other spices.

Will Cayenne pepper keep squirrels away?

Cayenne pepper is a good deterrent for keeping squirrels out of your yard. Cayenne is very spicy and emits a spicy order. Sprinkling dry cayenne pepper or mixing it with soap and water is effective. Any squirrel, unless it is very young, will know the dangers of messing with a spicy pepper like cayenne. They are sure to avoid it. Cayenne also works well when mixed with other spicy elements.

The issue with using cayenne pepper, though, is its hard to put all over your yard and keep it there.. You can spray it everywhere when mixed into a soap and water solution, but it will wash away. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use cayenne as a squirrel deterrent.

For the best results, and to be able to keep up with maintaining enough cayenne to deter squirrels, you should spray the perimeter of your property with a 6 foot border. This should be enough to keep the squirrels out and you will be able to easily spray every few weeks or when necessary.

Does cinnamon keep squirrels away?

Cinnamon is another one of those spices that is said to keep squirrels away, but does it really work. The smell of cinnamon won’t necessary deter squirrels from coming into your yard or even foraging through your garden unless you have a lot of it.

Spraying cinnamon essential oil or making a solution with cinnamon in it can be effective in keeping squirrels away. When squirrels get a taste of cinnamon you have sprayed on your plants they will think twice about eating anymore. Once they have experienced the taste of cinnamon, the smell will deter them.

There are a few things in cinnamon that will keep squirrels away, Cinnamaldehyde and eugenol. Cinnamaldehyde produces the smell and taste of cinnamon that we all know.

Do coffee grounds keep squirrels away?

Coffee grounds are a known deterrent to squirrels. You can find many people talking about how good coffee grounds are at keeping squirrels away. You can also find a lot of articles and videos that tell you how to apply coffee grounds to your soil to deter squirrels.

The thing most of the articles telling you how to apply coffee grounds to your plants soil to keep squirrels from eating them don’t tell you is the effects the coffee grounds will have on your plants. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and can be acidic or alkaline. Fresh, unbrewed coffee grounds are acidic. Used coffee grounds are neutral or slightly alkaline.

Applying both types, fresh and used, coffee grounds to your soil to deter squirrels will also affect your plants. You should learn more about the effects of coffee grounds on your plants before using them to keep squirrels away.

Does human urine repel squirrels?

Squirrels see humans as predators. Human urine in the wild will repel squirrels. Human urine in a residential area will not repel squirrels most of the time. It could work for a little bit, but if the squirrels in your area haven’t seen aggression from humans, then they are likely to ignore the urine.

The other thing about using human urine as a natural repellent for squirrels is it is rather nasty. This idea may be okay if you are staying at a hunting camp, but its not a very good solution for your home.

Do fake owls keep squirrels away?

Fake owls work to some extend to keep squirrels away. It is the same concept as a scarecrow. Squirrels know owls hunt them. If they see an owl, they will not want to be in that area. Over time the squirrels will get used to the fake owl and not be deterred by it.

Some people suggest moving the owl around or having more than one. This will help, but inevitably the squirrels will figure out the owls are fake.

A fake owl or two is definitely worth a try. Combine this tactic with some of the others listed.

Will Epsom salt deter squirrels?

Epsom salt won’t keep squirrels from coming by your plants or even eating them unless you are willing to put it all over your plants. Sprinkling Epsom salt in your yard may deter some squirrels from coming in that area. It will more than likely discourage them from eating whatever the epsom salt is on.

Putting epsom salt in your soil will help to deter squirrels from digging up your bulbs to eat them. As a note, epsom salt is made of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. All three of these elements are important for plant growth. So, not only will you deter squirrels, you will be helping your plants.

Does peppermint repel squirrels?

Peppermint plants will repel squirrels. The main reason why squirrels are repelled by peppermint is it contains menthol. They don’t like the smell or taste of menthol. To use peppermint plants to repel squirrels, you don’t have to place them all over your yard. Planting several peppermint plants in strategic locations and keeping it well watered will allow the plants to spread.

Peppermint is known to grow and spread fast. It can take over a whole area, so you may want to limit how much you plant. It also grows the best in shade.

You can also use peppermint essential oil in your yard to keep squirrels away naturally. It will work like the peppermint plants. To make a solution for spraying in your yard, mix water, a basic soap, and peppermint essential oil. Use a pump or battery operated sprayer to spray your yard.

Will wind chimes keep squirrels away?

Wind chimes are not a very effective way to keep squirrels away. Squirrels that live in populated areas are used to many different noises. Wind chimes may make them take notice, but when they realize where the sound is coming from, they will continue what they are doing. Which means they will keep eating in your yard.

Will lily of the valley keep squirrels away?

The scent of lily of the valley can help to repel squirrels. Lily of the valley may not be the best option. Lily of the valley is poisonous. Although squirrels will probably stay clear of eating it, children and pets may not. Lily of the valley should be avoided for deterring squirrels.

Does fox urine repel squirrels?

Squirrels do not want to be anywhere near a fox. Foxes hunt squirrels. If a squirrel smells a fox, it will flea. Spreading fox urine around your yard tells squirrels that there is a fox in the area. It will work to repel squirrels to some degree. Though there is a predator near, squirrels may not always completely leave. It really depends on what other food sources are close by.

Fox urine is available in a liquid or as a dried granule. If you use the liquid, place a little bit every couple of feet around the perimeter of your yard. The granules can be spread liberally around your yard. Both are susceptible to washing away with heavy rain. They will need to be reapplied after rain.

Natural solutions

Squirrels can be kept away with natural remedies. It will take a little effort. Some of the methods may work for awhile and then you will see squirrels again. Try mixing and matching the techniques to find out what works for you and the squirrels in your area.