How to eat marshmallow candy

Marshmallows are a special kind of treat. Eating them, in one sense, is very easy. You just pop them in your mouth and chew. But eating marshmallow candy requires a planned approach.

There are many different kinds of marshmallow candies. There are chocolate covered marshmallow candies. You can also get solid formed marshmallow candy like marshmallow circus peanuts or peeps.

A staged approach

Everyone likes to eat there candy there own way. There is no difference when it comes to eating marshmallow candy. You may like to put the whole thing in your mouth and chew it up. Someone else might like to break a small piece off and eat it. Then break another small piece off when they are finish with the first one.

You may also like different marshmallow candies that I don't like. I'm not going to try to convince you to eat the marshmallow candy that I like. Though, I think you may want to try my favorite marshmallow candy after reading this article. Or maybe you won't want to try it at all. Either way, I'm going to tell you how I eat my favorite marshmallow candy.

Favorite marshmallow candy

If I were going back to my childhood to define my favorite marshmallow candy, then there would be two contenders. The first would be my grandmother's handmade chocolate covered marshmallow treats. The second would be Elmer's Heavenly Hash Easter Egg.

Every Christmas my grandmother would make handmade chocolate candy. She produce two dozen different varieties. One of the best ones was here chocolate marshmallow treat. The process for making it was very simple. But the results were amazing. The key to this marshmallow candy was that she used miniature marshmallows. This allowed the chocolate to encase one or a few miniature marshmallows and bind them to other clusters of chocolate and marshmallow.

You may or may not have heard of Elmer's Heavenly Hash Easter Eggs. If you are from the Southeast United States, then you probably know what they are. Elmer's Heavenly Hash was produced in New Orleans originally, then they moved it Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

Heavenly Hash Easter Eggs are made of marshmallow, a single almond, and chocolate. The unique thing about this candy is the single almond is placed on top of the marshmallow; near the center. Then the entire candy is encased in chocolate.

My approach to eating marshmallow candy

Eating my grandmother's chocolate covered marshmallow treats was fairly straight forward. It was the same as eating any marshmallow. Pop it in your and chew away.

Eating Elmer's Heavenly Hash Easter Eggs takes a special method to eat them properly. The facts are, I don't like the marshmallow in the Heavenly Hash that much. It is very sweet. But I do like it some. The marshmallow goes well with the chocolate and the almond. The combination of all three is like a touch of Heaven. The best part is the almond the middle.

My way of eating Heavenly hash is different than others. I take one or two small bites of the marshmallow and chocolate. Then I go straight for the almond. I take a little nibble of the marshmallow and chocolate. Finally, I discard the rest.

I know some people might think this is a waste. Who throws away more than half of the candy? My answer, “At least I'm not eating all of that sugar.”

What are marshmallows made of

And that leads me to what marshmallows are made of. Marshmallows are basically sugar with some binders. The type of sugar could be pure cane sugar or a combination of granular sugar mixed with corn syrup. The binder is almost always gelatin.

You should eat marshmallow in moderation. Too much of this candy, well I guess all candy, is not good for us.

Eat your marshmallow candy your way

To truly enjoy marshmallow candy you should eat the marshmallow candy you like. Don't let someone else tell you what candy you should like. I don't like a lot of marshmallow candy. If you offered most of them to me, I would turn them down. But when it comes to Heavenly Hash, I would eat the almond and a little marshmallow on almost any day.

You should also eat marshmallow candy your way. If you like to take small bites, then take small bites. If you like to put the whole thing in your mouth, then go for it. Just eat it safely.

Eating not so marshmallow candy

Eating marshmallow candy is great, but eating marshmallows with other candy is just as good. Marshmallow goes good with chocolate. You can eat it in smores or you can have it in your hot cocoa. You can also just roast them over a fire pit. There are so many ways to eat marshmallows.

Another great thing you can do with your marshmallows is to make winter trail mix. Through some marshmallows, peppermint sticks, peanuts, and chex mix together. This is great to put on the table when your having a party or to put in a to go bag when you are sitting in your car.

Whichever way you decide to eat your marshmallow candy, have fun. Marshmallows were created to be enjoyed. Just don't eat too much.