Fun Ways To Play With Water Balloons

Fun Ways To Play With Water Balloons

Water balloons are a fun way to enjoy the Summer. Since we were kids, my brothers and I loved to fill up water balloons and throw them at each other and everything in sight. They truly are fun.

Now that I am older, I get to watch my children play with water balloons. If they could, I think they would play with them everyday of the week; even when it is cold outside.

Usually they will go outside and fill up about 10 to 15 balloons each and then toss them around. This gives them about 30 minutes of play time.

Filling up a pool with water balloons

The other day they decided that they would fill up a whole toddler swimming pool with water balloons. I have to admit, I was against it at first. I told them it would take way to long. But that didn’t deter them. They dug in and started an assembly line. It took them close to an hour to fill and tie all of them, but they got it done.

Now, you have to remember, they were not using any quick water balloon fill system. They filled and tied each of these balloons one by one. It was a sight to see.

Once they were finished filling the balloons up, they decide to make a big smiley face using the different color balloons. Those little sparks of imagination and effort are what makes watching kids play so much fun.

Fun with all those balloons

We looked at the water balloon smiley face for a few minutes. Then it was time to have some fun. We threw water balloons high in the air and watched them burst. We had water balloons burst in our hands. Water balloons flew at our cars. Water balloons were everywhere.

We had an exciting time with all of those water balloons.

Below are some questions that many people have about water balloons. We figured this would be a good place to answer them.

How long will water balloons last?

If water balloons are stored correctly, they can last for a week or more. Here are some things to think about when you are filling your water balloons and storing them.

  • Don’t over fill your water balloons. Fill them 40% to 50% of there maximum volume. Filling them to much will stretch the latex and make the balloon weak.
  • Place them in a container that doesn’t have any sharp edges on it. Be sure to handle the container carefully.
  • Put them in a cool place. Do not leave your water balloons in direct sunlight. UV light breaks down latex quickly.
  • Filling your container with water can help to relieve pressure on your balloons.

Are water balloons dangerous?

Water balloons can be dangerous. Be sure to supervise your children when they are playing with water balloons. Don’t let them throw them at someone’s face. Eye protection should be worn if they are going to throw them at each other.

Also, don’t let them throw water balloons with too much force at each other. When water balloons are thrown with too much force they can sting and possibly cause bruising. Only balloons made for filling with water should be used when having a water balloon fight.

You can learn more about common water balloon injuries by reading the article, Common Injuries Caused by Water Balloons.

Can you use normal balloons as water balloons?

You can fill normal balloons with water. You have to be careful if you decide to do this. Normal balloons are made with thicker material than water balloons. This makes it harder for them to pop.

You really don’t want to use normal balloons for a water balloon fight. Because normal balloons are thicker, they require more force to pop. Children will compensate for this by throwing them harder. The additional force can cause the normal balloon filled with water to become a danger.

How do you make water balloons pop?

First, you have to fill your water balloons with enough water so they will be easier to pop when you throw them. But, be sure not to fill them with too much water or they will pop in your hand.

Second, you have to throw them with enough force so that they will pop. Many times little children will throw water balloons only to see them bounce. This is due to them not throwing the balloons hard enough.

Third, you have to throw your water balloons at a surface that will not cushion them. A hard, rough surface like cement or asphalt works good. Grass is another surface that works well. In many cases, grass requires less force than a hard surface because the blades of grass are sharp.

Busted water balloons

Do water balloons hurt?

If you use real water balloons and not regular balloons, then they do not normally hurt. You do have to consider the age of the person that is getting hit with the balloon and the amount of force that is being used when thrown.

Remember, never throw water balloons in someone’s face. If you are having a water balloon fight you should wear eye protection. And don’t throw the balloons too hard.

What are the best water balloons?

Not all water balloons are made the same. Don’t just look at cost when you are purchasing. You have to consider the quality of the balloons. If they are made of poor material, then the balloons will pop easy and get holes in them.

Water balloon bunches

The best water balloon bunches are Zuru Bunch O Balloons . You can get these in small packs of about 50 up to packs that have more than 400 balloons in them. They are great because you can rapidly fill them and they self seal so you don’t have to tie them.

Water balloon single fills

There are many different brands of single fill water balloons on the market. Two of the best are Water Sports, Inc and Hibery. Both of these brands offer small and large packs of single fill water balloons. Remember, you do have to tie these yourself.

How much do water balloons cost?

Water balloons cost from around $10 to $50 depending on what kind and how many your buy. You can buy water balloons in a small containers with a bunch of individual balloons in it. Or you can buy balloon bunches that allow you to fill multiple balloons up at one time and have them automatically tied.

What games can you play with water balloons?

Water balloon toss – This is game is very simple. Just have two or more children stand across from each other and toss a single or multiple water balloons between each other. There are multiple ways to make this interesting. You could eliminate any child who has a water balloon pop in their hands. You could assign a specific color to each child and then have them toss multiple water balloons to each other. When their color is in their hands they can place it in a bucket. Whichever child has the most of their color when time is up, wins.

Water balloon hot potato – This is played like traditional hot potato, but with a twist. Have the children sit in a circle and start to play music. At the start of the music the children toss the water balloon around. If the balloon pops, then the child who popped it is out. If the music is still playing, introduce a new balloon in place of the popped one. The child that is holding the hot potato water balloon when the music stops is out.

Water balloon spoon race – Each child is given a spoon and a water balloon. You will probable have to use large cooking spoons. You can pick these up fairly cheaply if you buy them in bulk. Have all of the children line up at the starting line. When the race starts, the children have to carry their water balloon on the spoon without dropping it or aiding it with their free hand. You can make this fun by turning it into a relay race.

Water balloon splash contest – Have each child throw their water balloon on a dry area of cement. They can use any technique they like to throw it. Measure the diameter of the splash created by the busted water balloon. Whichever child has the largest splash wins.

Water balloon height contest – See which child can throw their water balloon the highest. It is best to have children of the same age compete against each other. If you want to have children of different age compete, then you may want to give the younger ones a handicap to make up for the difference in age.

Water balloon relay race – Run a traditional relay race, except use water balloons as the baton. The first team to successfully cross the finish line with their water balloon unpopped wins.

Water balloon slalom race – Though slalom races are traditionally done on skis, they are not necessary for this race. Place sets of water balloons on the ground a distance from each other and in a zigzag pattern. Have the children run the race course going in between the sets of balloons. If a child misses one of the gates or pops one of the balloons at a gate, then a certain amount of time is added to their overall time. The child with the fastest time wins.

Water balloon darts – Put water balloons on the ground. Have the children take turns throwing lawn darts at the balloons. The child with the most pops wins. Be sure to monitor the children well with this game. Only one child should go at a time and all of the other children should be behind them.

Water balloon ring toss – Place water balloon in a toddler pool or on the ground. Give the children rings that are larger than the balloons. Have them toss the rings and try to make the ring go around the balloons. If a balloon pops, one point is deducted. If a ring encircles a water balloon, then a point is added. The child with the most points at the end wins.

Water balloon hula hoop toss – Hold a hula hoop out. Have each child take a turn throwing balloons through the hula hoop. The child that makes the most water balloons through the hula hoop wins.

Water balloon basketball – This is like the hula hoop toss, except the water balloons are tossed through a basketball goal. You can make this one more difficult by having the children spell a word like in the basketball game Out.

Water balloon dodge ball – Have one or more children stand to the side. Then have the rest of the children stand close together away from the children standing on the side. The children standing on the side throw water balloons at the children in the group. If a child is hit by a water balloon, then that child is out. Be sure to follow strict safety measures when playing this game.

Water balloon karate – There are two ways you can play this game. The first way is to have someone hold a water balloon in their hand by dangling it from the tip where you fill it. Each child takes their turn trying to punch and kick the balloon. When one balloon is popped, get another one. The child that pops the most balloons with their punches and kicks wins. Another variation of the water balloon karate game is to toss the balloons in front of the children. They must kick and punch the balloons while they are in the air.

Water balloon hat catch – The children hold a hat in their hand by the hat’s bill. Toss balloons in the air. The children have to catch the balloons in the hat without busting them. The child with the most catches wins. You can have children go individually or have them all compete at the same time.

Water balloon distance throw – Each child takes their turn throwing a water balloon as far as they can. They can use any throwing technique they like. You can make it an single throw contest or the best of some number.

Water balloon shot put – Water balloon shot put is like the distance throw, but the children must place the water balloon on the palm of their hand and against their neck. To throw the balloons the children lunge forward and launch the balloon by pushing it away from their neck. Throw it just like you would in real shot put.

Can you fill water balloons with paint?

You can put paint into water balloons. You just need to use a funnel or water balloon nozzle to put it in the water balloons. You can use these balloons to splatter paint on a canvas or other surface.

I would not recommend filling water balloons up with real paint if you are concerned about getting paint on the surface or if you are going to have a water balloon fight. You can, however, simulate paint.

The easiest way to simulate paint for your water balloons is to mix water, corn starch, and food coloring together. Once you have the mixture to the desired color and consistency, you can put the mixture into bottles with a funnel. Then use the funnel or nozzle tip to fill the balloons up with the mixture. This mixture will allow you to have a fun and safe alternative to paint in your water balloons.

Have fun

Water Balloons are lots of fun. Whether your kids want to spend time filling balloons individual or just want to get the filling over quick, they will enjoy this wet adventure. You can let them just throw them around or use some of the games we have introduced in this article. Remember to use safety precautions. Have fun and bust some balloons for us.