Do Squirrels Eat Grapes? Can Grapes Harm Them

Most people don't live in an area where grapes grow in abundance. If you do, then you may be reading this article because you want to stop squirrels from eating your grapes off of the vine. On the other hand, if you don't grow grapes you are probably reading this because you want to feed grapes to squirrels. Whichever your reason, this article will help you understand more about feeding grapes to squirrels.

Do squirrels eat grapes?

Yes, squirrels eat grapes. Squirrels are not very picky when it comes to eating grapes. Grapes provide a lot of nutrition to squirrels, so they will eat them whenever they can.

Why do squirrels eat grapes?

Squirrels eat grapes because they are sweet and taste good. They also eat grapes because they love fruit. In addition, grapes contain a lot of water. The water helps to hydrate squirrels and cool them down when it is hot outside.

Nutrients of grapes for squirrels

A cup of grapes contains about 100 calories. Squirrels need about 130 -140 calories per day to live. Their caloric intake should be from varied foods. This means you shouldn't give too much grapes to squirrels. A quarter of a cup would be the maximum amount a squirrels should have in one day.

Grapes also contain sugar. The sugar is a good energy source. One cup of grapes contains about 23g of sugar. This seems like a lot of sugar for squirrels, but grapes have a low glycemic index, so they don't raise blood sugar as much as a candy bar. With that said, you should still limit the amount of grapes you feed squirrels. You don't want them getting all of there calories from sugar.

Grapes contain vitamin K. Squirrels need vitamin K to help their blood clot and bones. Also, if squirrels ingest rat poison, vitamin K can help to save them. Rat poison works against animals by hindering the animals' blood from clotting. If a squirrel eats rat poison, consuming vitamin K can help to reverse the effects of the poison. To learn more about a squirrel that was treated with vitamin K after it ate rat poison, read the article at

Grapes also provide vitamin C to squirrels.

What type of grapes do squirrels eat

Squirrels will eat any kind of grape you put out. The most common grapes you will find in your local store that you can feed to squirrels are crimson seedless, concord, thompson seedless, flame seedless, cotton candy, ruby seedless, and moon drop.

Do squirrels like one type of grape more than another

Squirrels are not particular about the type of grape they are eating. Their teeth are strong so a hard grape versus a soft grape doesn't matter to a squirrel. Also, seedless and seeded grapes are loved by all squirrels.

Best way to feed grapes to squirrels

Put fresh grapes out in the morning or anytime during daylight hours. Squirrels look for food during the day.

Put the grapes somewhere elevated where ants won't easily find them. Also, you can leave the grapes on the vine or take them off. Either way squirrels will know what to do with them.

It is also a good idea to mix in nuts and vegetables with the grapes so the squirrels will get different nutrients they need while consuming grapes.

If you see grapes fall to the ground near your squirrel feeding area, clean them up or you will be dealing with ants and other critters.

Do squirrels eat grapes off of the vine or the ground

If you are growing grapes, then you may have to content with squirrels that want to eat them. Squirrels will eat grapes off the vine or off of the ground.

What part of the world do squirrels eat grapes

There are hundreds of different species of squirrels that live on every continent except Antarctica. Every species of squirrel known to man will eat grapes.

How to keep squirrels from eating grapes

To prevent squirrels from eating grapes you can try a few things. Space can be a good deterrent. Planting your grapes with a lot of open space around them can be a way to keep squirrels away. Squirrels will go out in the open, but they like to keep close to trees or other obstacles they can climb and hide on. Space won't keep all squirrels away in every situation, but it is a tool you can use along with other deterrents.

Wire or cages around your garden can keep squirrels from reaching your precious grapes. The wire has to be small enough to stop squirrels from getting through. You also have to put the wire down into the ground to keep squirrels from digging into your grape garden.

Some gardeners like to use super phosphate to keep squirrels away from grapes. They are not really sure why squirrels don't like the super phosphate. Most believe it is because of the smell. An added benefit is you grapes get a nice does of extra phosphate to help them grow better.

Cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes seem to work wonders to keep squirrels away from grapes. The only issue is they don't seem to last that long. Most gardeners' experiences show that cayenne and pepper flakes work for one to seven days in keeping squirrels away from grapes. This mostly depends on the weather; particularly if it rains a lot.

Another common deterrent is aluminum foil. Wrap aluminum foil around your grape vines to keep squirrels away.

Are eating grapes dangerous for squirrels

There are no known toxins in grapes that can harm squirrels. There aren't any dangers to squirrels if they eat grapes. Some people believe grape seeds can harm squirrels, but there is no evidence to support this idea. The biggest issue is for squirrels to eat too many grapes. And the only problem this may cause is a stomach ache.


Do squirrels eat grapes? Absolutely. If you want to feed squirrels in your yard or you have a pet squirrel, then grapes are a great treat you can give them. Keep the portions in moderation. Mix grapes with other nutritious food so the squirrels get a well rounded meal.

If you are growing grapes and consider squirrels to be vermin, then take some measures to keep them away. With a little ingenuity you can deter squirrels without injuring them.