Do Squirrels Eat Cashews? Can Cashews Harm Them?

Yes, squirrels eat cashews. Most squirrels in North America don't encounter cashew trees. More than likely, squirrels don't eat cashews from a tree. This is due to dangerous toxins that surround the cashew before it is harvested.

In this article, we will look at the reasons why squirrels eat cashews. We will help you decide if you should give cashews to squirrels and which ones you should give to them.

Also, some people worry about feeding cashews to squirrels because of the high amount of phosphorus in cashews. Learn more about why this fear is not a reason to keep cashews completely away from squirrels.

What is a cashew?

Do you know what a cashew is? A cashew is the seed of a fruit that grows on a tree. The seed is encased in a hard shell and the nutmeat is surrounded by a thin, skin that contains toxins. Cashews are not actually nuts, they are seeds.

Cashews grow in tropical climates all over the world. They are an important crop in Brazil, where they are called "caju".

The nutritional value of cashews makes them an important food source for both humans and animals. Squirrels love to eat cashews and there are many ways to feed them this nutritious snack.

Squirrels will eat cashews when they are available, so you can leave out some nuts to attract them to your backyard. It is easy to feed squirrels cashews and watch them enjoy their snack.

Why do squirrels eat cashews?

Squirrels are small, bushy-tailed rodents that live in trees and like to eat things that grow in trees. They eat nuts and seeds to get their energy which helps them survive up high in the treetops. Cashews, as seeds that taste like nuts, are a perfect fit for a squirrel's palate.

Where Do Squirrels Get Cashews?

Squirrels love their cashews so much that they will steal them directly off the tree.  If you have a cashew tree growing in your backyard or on your property, you can bet there is going to be a line of furry little thieves waiting at the bottom of the trunk every day after work until all the nuts are gone.

But actually! We're kidding. Squirrels won't usually eat cashews off of trees, but they are more likely to eat them if someone feeds cashews to them.

How Do Squirrels Eat Cashews?

It's pretty cool how squirrels handle eating such hard foods as cashew seeds.  Squirrels will typically carry those nuts around in their mouths until later, when they find someplace safe to stash it so they can gnaw on it without getting caught by dogs or other predators.

Once squirrels feel they are in a safe place, they enjoy nibbling small pieces from the cashew they collected.

What Kind Of Cashews Do Squirrels Eat?

Squirrels aren't picky and will eat any type of cashews you put out for them.  This doesn't mean you should feed them all of the different varieties of cashews available in the store.

The best type of cashews to feed your squirrels are raw, unsalted cashews. Squirrels don't need the extra salt found on salted cashews. You also should give flavored cashews to your squirrels. Butter toffee and BBQ cashews might taste good, but they are not good for squirrels.

Best Way To Feed Cashews To Squirrels

Just leave a pile of nuts outside every day! That's really all it takes.  If you want to make sure they don't dig up your gardens or trash cans, try stashing those extra cashews in a hanging fruit net in a more out-of-the-way spot.

If you want to be even more generous with your squirrel friends, try leaving out some cooked rice or bread to give them a little extra boost of energy. But not too much, you don't want them eating a lot of carbohydrates.

When Do Squirrels Eat Cashews?

Squirrels eat cashews year-round, but they especially love stashing their favorite cashews in cold winter months when they are hibernating or nesting.

Where Can I Find Cashews For My Squirrel Friends?

You should be able to easily find them in the grocery store or a farmer's market near you. Some markets don't carry raw cashews. As discussed earlier, you should give raw cashews to squirrels. If you can't get raw cashews, then roasted cashews will be okay. Always make sure they don't have salt on them.

Are Cashews Dangerous For Squirrels To Eat?

Well, not exactly!  There are some pretty bad side effects if you eat too many cashews, but squirrels are experts at eating small portions of their absolute favorite nuts.  They definitely won't be getting sick from eating them.

One thing some people are concerned about is the high phosphorus content in cashews. If a squirrel eats too much phosphorus, it can cause their bodies to stop absorbing calcium. This in one reason you should limit the number of cashews your give squirrels, but is not a reason not to give any to them.

The other dangerous part of eating cashews for squirrels is if they try to eat cashews on a tree. The cashews are surrounded by toxic liquid that can harm squirrels. Squirrels will usually stay clear of cashews on trees. You don't have to worry about the cashews you buy having the toxins on them. All cashews are heated to remove the toxins before they are sold in stores.

How Can I Prevent Squirrels From Eating Cashews?

If you're not putting cashews out for your squirrels to eat, then you don't have to worry about them eating cashews. The only place you really have to prevent squirrels from eating cashews is in your garbage. The easiest way to stop them from eating cashews in your garbage is to use a garbage can with a lid.

What Do Squirrels Eat Beside Cashews?

Squirrels are omnivores, meaning they eat both plant and animal matter, though mostly plants. Like other rodents, squirrels have two front teeth that keep growing—which is why it's important for them to chew on things like tree bark (or birdseed, your house's wooden siding, and acorns). In the wild, squirrels eat a variety of things from nuts to insects but in urban environments, they often get into gardens or trash cans for other easy calories.

Do squirrels eat cashews summary

Squirrels definitely eat cashews when they can get some. Squirrels also prefer raw cashews as opposed to roasted ones. The best way to feed cashews to squirrels is by placing small handfuls in their regular feeding spot so they can easily grab and eat them. If you have cashew trees you don't have to worry about squirrels destroying your cashew crop.