Do Squirrels Eat Bananas? What About Banana Peels?

No matter where you live you probably have squirrels in your yard. Feeding those squirrels can be a great way to entertain. Bananas may be a food you have thought about giving to squirrels.

So, do squirrels eat bananas? Yes, squirrels eat bananas. Unless you live in a tropical region, it is unlikely you have a banana tree in your yard, so the squirrels won't be eating bananas off of your tree. But, you can still feed bananas to squirrels.

You have to be careful when giving bananas to squirrels. There are some nutritional pitfalls that need to be avoided. Also, bananas can pose a health risk to squirrels. Keep reading and learn the best way to feed bananas to squirrels.

Why do squirrels eat bananas

Squirrels love to eat bananas. They are one of the squirrels' favorite fruits. You can feed them bananas to attract them.

Squirrels are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and plants. Some surveys have shown that when given a choice between meats, nuts, fruits, vegetables, or seeds, most squirrels will choose fruit over anything else.

This is because fruit contains lots of water, carbohydrates for quick energy, and lots of vitamins. Bananas are especially good for squirrels because they also contain a lot of vitamin C.

Nutrients in bananas for squirrels

Squirrels eat bananas because they are nutritional powerhouses for these small creatures. A single banana contains numerous vitamins and minerals that squirrels need to survive. Potassium is the most commonly known mineral found in bananas, but they also contain fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, copper, manganese, and other essential components for good health.

There are some negatives for squirrels when eating bananas. Bananas contain a lot of sugar. The sugar in bananas that squirrels eat is not healthy for them if they eat too much. It can cause some diseases that are dangerous to them, like diabetes and obesity.

Bananas contain a lot of nutrients for squirrels, but they might be unhealthy if they aren't eaten in moderation.

The nutritional benefits of bananas for squirrels include:

  • Water : Bananas contain 90% water , thus supplying the necessary hydration for a squirrel's body.
  • Carbohydrates: The fruit is rich in carbohydrates, which means that a squirrel can digest this fruit easily.
  • Dietary fiber: Bananas contain dietary fiber, which helps with the digestive process by removing excess cholesterol and toxins from the body.
  • Potassium: Potassium is an essential element of any diet, and bananas contain more potassium than most other fruits on the market.
  • Vitamin B6: Bananas also contain vitamin B6, which helps to maintain a healthy nervous system.
  • Magnesium: Bananas are rich in magnesium too, which is an important mineral that strengthens bones and improves brain health.
  • Sugar: Bananas are high in sugar. This can be good for energy for squirrels, but must not be given to them in excess.
  • Calories: Bananas contain lots of calories, which is good news for squirrels.

What type of bananas do squirrels eat?

Squirrels will eat yellow-green bananas and unripe bananas, they will even eat ripe bananas. If the bananas are overripe, then squirrels may stay away from them.

Best way to feed squirrels bananas

The easiest way to feed squirrels is to give them a peeled banana. It's best to cut the banana into chunks and give it to the squirrel. It's safe for them to eat and it will be easier for the squirrels to eat.

They also will eat peeled plantain bananas or even dried bananas.

Once you feed a banana to a squirrel expect that squirrel to come back for more. Squirrels' favorite foods like bananas, nuts, and seeds will attract them to an area. If you feed a squirrel banana once it will come back for more as long as those foods are available. 

You can also cut the banana into small pieces and put inside of peanut butter jar or any container with holes on top for easy access food dispensing. This is the best way to feed bananas to squirrels.

You can also give your squirrel a frozen banana which they will eat as if it were an ice pop. This is particularly good for them on a hot day.

You should know that bananas are not dangerous for squirrels, but they are also not very healthy for them if eaten too often. Once every few days is okay but if you overfeed your squirrel with bananas then they will become unhealthy.

They are also pretty high in sugar. So if you overfeed your squirrel with bananas it can make them gain too much weight. Make sure to always give them a balanced diet.

When and where do squirrels eat bananas?

In most cases, they will eat bananas when given to them. Squirrels love all types of fruit, including bananas. The best time to give a banana to a squirrel is during the morning or afternoon. Feeding a squirrel a banana at night is not recommended as they are nocturnal and might be sleeping during feeding times.

If you want to feed a squirrel bananas, consider getting them interested in your fruit with something else first before giving them a banana. This way, the squirrel will already associate food with you and your household and will be much more likely to eat the banana. If you don't want to try getting them started on different fruits, you can simply put a few slices of bananas in their food bowl as an after-dinner treat or as "dessert."

Feeding squirrels bananas when it's cold outside is a good idea. Bananas have a high calorie content and provide the necessary energy for the creatures to stay warm. Even though bananas are not poisonous for squirrels, it is not recommended to feed them this fruit in excess. Too many bananas can cause obesity and interfere with the absorption of other vital nutrients in squirrels.

Do squirrels eat bananas off of the tree or the ground

Squirrels will eat bananas off the ground or the tree. They will eat bananas off the tree if they are ripe. They will eat bananas from a plate or bowl if you put some out for them.

Do squirrels eat banana peels

Squirrels do eat banana peels, but only if there is still some fruit attached to the peel. They will eat a banana peel on its own, but they prefer peels that still have a bit of fruit on them.

Do squirrels eat bananas from people's houses

Squirrels don't eat banana peels. Just like us, they like to get to the fruit inside the peel. Also, banana peels are not good for squirrels because they usually contain pesticides and insecticides. If the bananas are organic, then the peels may be ok, but squirrels will likely not eat it.

Do squirrels eat banana bread

Yes, squirrels do like banana bread. Squirrels like bananas, nuts, and bread combined into one dish (they especially like when you put chocolate chips in your banana bread). They will not pass up an opportunity to get their paws on some tasty banana bread.

Do squirrels eat bananas on the dirt

Squirrels will sit on the ground and eat bananas; they do not mind if their food is touching the ground. They will also jump onto benches or tables to reach higher up food, but they would rather stay low to the ground with their feet spread out, like their natural habitat.

How to keep squirrels from eating bananas

You can prevent squirrels from eating bananas by placing a fence around your banana trees. This will keep the squirrels from jumping or climbing over the barrier. Another option is to place a thin wire on top of the fences as another means of preventing contact with fruit.

The best way to prevent your pet squirrel from eating your banana is to not give any to them.

Is eating bananas dangerous for squirrels

Since squirrels like to eat bananas, it is obvious that this fruit does not harm them. However, it is important to mention that squirrels may choke on bananas if the large fruit gets lodged in their throat.

The skin on the banana is often covered with pesticides which can cause harm to the squirrel's health. So you should either wash or peel them before feeding them to your squirrels.

Do squirrels eat bananas summary

Squirrels eat bananas because they are high in calories and protein. They also have a lot of potassium and other nutrients which are good for the squirrels' heart, muscles, bones, nerves, blood pressure, and other bodily functions. Feed bananas to squirrels in moderation. You don't want to mess their diet up or make them sick.