Do Deer Eat Mums? How Can You Prevent Them From Eating Your Mums?

Deer are notorious for eating just about anything in sight, including flowers and plants. So, it's no surprise that they would go after mums as well. While deer will eat almost any type of plant, they prefer those that are high in sugar content. Mums tend to be fairly low in sugar compared to other types of plants, so they're not the first choice for deer. However, if there's nothing else around, deer will chow down on mums without hesitation.

If you want to stop deer from eating your mums, read the section below about how to prevent deer from eating your mums.

Why do deer eat mums?

Here are a few reasons why deer eat mums:

  • Mums are packed with nutrients that deer need to survive and thrive. Deer especially love the leaves of mums, which are rich in minerals like calcium and phosphorus.
  • Mums are also a great source of roughage for deer, helping them digest their food properly.

Nutritional benefits of mums for deer

Mums are a great source of nutrition for deer. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Mums provide essential nutrients that deer need to stay healthy. Deer love the taste of mums, so they're more likely to eat them than other plants.
  2. Mums are high in fiber, which helps keep deer digestive systems functioning properly and can also help regulate blood sugar levels. Fiber is an important part of any diet, but it's especially important for wild animals like deer who don't have access to processed foods or supplements.

What type of mums do deer like to eat

There are many types of mums that deer like to eat, including:

  • Tall mums with long stems. These provide a tasty and nutritious treat for deer, as they can reach up and nibble on the leaves and flowers.
  • Smaller mums that grow close to the ground. These are easier for deer to access and are often more palatable than taller varieties.

The best way to feed mums to deer

It's that time of year again when the deer are on the lookout for a tasty treat, and what better way to feed them than with some delicious mums? Here are a few tips to make sure your mums are extra tasty and irresistible to those hungry deer:

  • Choose fresh, plump mums that have been recently picked. The fresher they are, the more fragrant and flavourful they'll be.
  • Cut the stems off of your mums so that they're about 2 inches long. This will help them release their aroma and taste even better.
  • Place your cut mums in a sunny spot where they can get plenty of direct sunlight. This will help bring out their natural sweetness.
  • Deer love nothing more than sweet, juicy fruits like ripe strawberries or watermelons, so try adding a touch of sugar or honey to your mum recipe to really tantalize their taste buds.

Where do deer eat mums?

Deer will browse on mums in gardens, yards, parks, and even roadside ditches. If the plants are tall enough deer can eat them easily without having to graze. During hazardous times, this is safer for deer because they can watch their surroundings as they eat the mums.

Deer prefer to eat the young shoots and leaves of plants rather than mature foliage. This means that damage from browsing tends to be most severe in early spring when new growth is just starting to emerge. However, if food is scarce or snow cover makes it difficult for deer to find other sources of nutrition, they may continue feeding on mums throughout the winter months (even though the plants are dormant).

Are mums dangerous for deer to eat?

Are mums dangerous for deer to eat? That's a question we get asked often here at the blog. And it's one that we have done some research on! Here is what we found:

No, mums are not dangerous or poisonous for deer to eat. Mums contain pyrethrins, which are compounds that can kill insects. Pyrethrins are considered safe for humans and animals, but can be toxic to fish and other aquatic life forms.

How to prevent deer from eating mums?

Mums are a beautiful fall flower that symbolize the change of season. But, just like any other plant in your garden, deer love to munch on them too. If you're looking to keep your mums safe from these four-legged pests, here are a few tips:

Plant Your Mums In A Deer Resistant Area

This may seem obvious, but it's worth mentioning. If you have an area in your yard that is known for being visited by deer, avoid planting your mums there. Instead, opt for a spot that is less likely to be on their radar.

Use A Physical Barrier

Fencing off your mum bed with chicken wire or another type of physical barrier can be very effective at keeping deer out. Just make sure the fence is tall enough (at least 6 - 8 feet) and buried deep enough into the ground so that determined deer cannot dig underneath it.

Try Homemade Repellents

There are many recipes online for homemade repellents made from ingredients like eggs, garlic cloves, or hot peppers mixed with water. These DIY solutions can be sprayed directly onto plants and often work well at deterring hungry deer away from gardens and landscapes.

Grow Other Plants

Planting species that naturally repel deer such as marigolds or lavender near your mums.

Do deer eat raw mums?

Deer love to eat raw mums. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Mums are high in nutrients that deer need to stay healthy and thrive.
  • Raw mums are easier for deer to digest than cooked or processed foods.
  • Deer can get a lot of the water they need from eating raw mums.
  • Eating raw mums helps keep deer's teeth clean and healthy.

Can deer digest mums?

Yes, deer can digest mums. Deer digest mums by breaking down their chemical compounds in their four-chamber stomachs, and they don't generally eat them in great quantities. If you're worried about deer eating your mums, consider adding a physical barrier to your garden. Fencing around your plants can keep deer away. You can also try applying a deer repellent to the leaves of your mums. Finally, keep an eye on your mums and remove any that show signs of deer damage.

Do deer eat mums summary

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to deer eating mums. Some people may think that it is cute, while others may be concerned about the potential damage that could be caused. Too much browsing by deer can damage plants and even kill them. If you see deer regularly eating your mums, it might be best to take action to protect the plants. Don't be concerned about mums hurting deer if they eat them. It is perfectly safe for deer to eat mums.