Do Deer Eat Atlas Cedar? Can They Eat Them All Year?

Yes, deer eat Atlas Cedar. Here's what you need to know about this important topic.

While Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica) trees are native to the mountainous regions of North Africa, they have been widely planted as ornamental trees in the United States for their attractive blue-green needles and pleasing cone shape. These stately evergreens are often used as living Christmas trees because they hold their needles well after being cut.

But all that needle holding comes at a price: an aroma that some people find unpleasant and that just happens to be irresistible to deer. That means if you live in an area with a large deer population, your Atlas cedar is likely on the menu. Browsing damage can ruin the look of your tree. Heavy consumption of your Atlas cedar by deer can actually kill it outright.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your Atlas cedar from hungry deer. But before we get into those details, let's explore why deer like eating this particular type of tree so much—and whether or not every variety of Cedrus atlantica is equally appealing to our four-legged friends

Why do deer eat Atlas Cedar?

Deer love the taste of Atlas cedar and will often seek it out in the wild. There are several reasons why deer find this tree so irresistible.

The first reason is that Atlas cedar contains high levels of tannins. Tannins are a type of astringent compound that gives plants their bitter taste. Deer seem to enjoy the bitterness of tannins, which may help them to browse more selectively for other foods.

Atlas cedar also contains high levels of essential oils. These aromatic compounds can attract deer from far away with their strong scent. The oils may also play a role in helping deer digest their food properly or masking the smell of predators nearby.

Nutritional benefits of Atlas Cedar for deer

Atlas cedar can be good for deer's health? Here are just a few of the nutritional benefits of Atlas Cedar for deer:

  • Atlas Cedar is rich in protein and essential amino acids, making it an excellent source of nutrition for growing deer.
  • The high levels of Vitamin C in Atlas Cedar help to boost the immune system, keeping deer healthy and strong.
  • Mineral content including calcium and phosphorus make Atlas Cedar helpful for bone development and growth.

What type of Atlas Cedar do deer like to eat the most

Deer enjoy eating all types of Atlas cedar trees. There are three cultivated groups that you can plant and deer will browse all of them. The three types are Golden, Glauca, and Glauca Pendula.

When do deer eat Atlas Cedar?

Atlas cedar trees grow needles all year. This provides food for deer in all seasons. If deer can't reach the needles they will eat the bark of Atlas Cedar.

Where do deer eat Atlas Cedar?

Atlas cedar trees are a common sight in many parts of the country, and deer love to eat them. But where do deer find Atlas cedar trees to munch on? Here are some places you might spot a herd chowing down on Atlas cedars:

  • In open fields or pastures, look for Atlas cedars along the edges of woods or near fence lines. Deer will often bed down in these areas during the day and come out to feed at night.
  • Along roadsides and highways, deer will browse on young atlas cedar saplings that have sprung up from seedlings dropped by birds or animals passing through. Mature atlas cedars also provide shelter for deer from traffic and predators.
  • In parks and other developed areas, mature Atlas cedars can be found lining hiking trails or clustered around picnic tables and playgrounds. These trees provide much needed shade in hot weather

Is Atlas Cedar dangerous for deer to eat?

No, Atlas cedar is not dangerous for deer to eat. They are a valuable food source for many animals including deer. Here are some reasons why:

How to prevent deer from eating Atlas Cedar?

There are many ways to prevent deer from eating Atlas Cedar trees. The following is a list of some methods that have been proven effective:

  • Plant other types of trees and shrubs around the Atlas cedar tree. Deer are more likely to eat plants that they are familiar with, so planting unfamiliar plants around the cedar will make it less appealing as a food source.
  • Use deer repellents on the Atlas cedar tree. There are many commercially available products that can be sprayed on the leaves and branches of the tree to deter deer from eating them. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully when using these products.
  • Install physical barriers around the Atlas cedar tree such as fences or netting. This will create an obstacle for deer trying to reach the leaves and branches of the tree, making it much less likely that they will succeed in eating any part of it

Do deer like Atlas Cedar?

Some say that they do because of the cedar's soft and fragrant needles, while others believe that deer avoid them because the trees are often found in dense forests where browse can be hard.

Here are a few things to consider when trying to answer this question:

  • Deer have different preferences for food depending on the season and their geographical location. In general, however, they prefer young shoots and leaves over mature ones. This means that they would probably rather eat other plants than Atlas Cedars unless there was nothing else around.
  • Another possibility is that deer simply don't encounter Atlas Cedars very often since these trees tend to grow in mountainous regions far from areas populated by large herds of grazing animals

Can deer eat Atlas Cedar?

Yes, deer can eat Atlas cedar. The needles of the Atlas cedar are also a good source of roughage, which helps keep deer digestive systems functioning properly.

Can deer digest Atlas Cedar?

Deer can indeed digest Atlas cedar. Their stomachs are well equipped to deal with all sorts of tough plant material. Deer have four-chambered stomachs that work like giant fermentation vats, breaking down food over an extended period of time using bacteria and enzymes. This process allows deer to extract nutrients from plants that other animals would find indigestible.

How many Atlas Cedar can deer eat?

Atlas cedar trees are a popular landscape plant in the United States. They are also a favorite food of white-tailed deer. A 200-pound buck can consume up to four pounds of cedar leaves per day. That's a lot of browsing.

Can baby deer eat Atlas Cedar?

Yes, baby deer can eat Atlas cedar. Here are some reasons why:

  • The leaves of the Atlas cedar have essential nutrients that help support a healthy growth rate for young deer.
  • Atlas cedars also have medicinal properties that can help keep baby deer safe from harmful parasites and diseases.

Do deer eat Atlas Cedar summary

Deer will eat atlas cedar. The trees provide food and shelter for the deer, so it is important to have them in your landscape. If you are looking to attract deer to your property, consider planting atlas cedar trees.