9 Items You Must Have On Your Backyard Camping Checklist

I love camping, and I love being outdoors, so when my wife and kids suggested backyard camping, I was all in. We gathered up our gear and set up camp in our backyard. It was so much fun! We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire and stargazed until we fell asleep. The next morning, we cooked breakfast over the fire and enjoyed the fresh air. It was the perfect way to spend a weekend.

What really made the experience go so well was our planning. Anytime we set out to camp, we start with a checklist. Below, you will find a list of all the essential items we bring when we are camping. Some of the items you won't need if you are camping in your backyard. Pick and choose what works for you. I how the list helps you plan a fun and safe camping trip.

Outdoor camping checklist (backyard or remote)

When packing for a camping trip, it is important to make sure you have everything you need so that your experience is enjoyable. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll want to plan ahead so you don't forget anything. Here is a list of items to include on your outdoor camping checklist:

  • Tent: Make sure to choose a tent that can comfortably accommodate everyone in your group. Make sure you have a tent that's big enough for everyone in your group and all of your gear. Don't forget to pack the rainfly!
  • Sleeping bags: Choose sleeping bags that are rated for the temperature range you'll be encountering on your trip. Everyone sleeps differently, so it's important to find something that works for each individual camper. Especially be prepared for extreme temperatures by bringing sleeping bags rated for cold weather. Pack extra blankets as well.
  • Pillows: A good night's sleep is crucial when roughing it in the wilderness! Bring along pillows from home or invest in some camping pillows specifically made for comfort while sleeping outside.
  • Flashlights/headlamps: You'll want at least one flashlight per person, plus an extra set of batteries just in case. Headlamps are also handy since they free up your hands while walking around at night or setting up camp after dark.
  • Camping chairs and table: A collapsible chair and table will come in handy for picnics or sitting around the campfire at night. These foldable chairs come in handy whether you're sitting around the fire pit or taking a break during a hike. Some even recline, making them perfect for relaxing under the stars.
  • Cooler: This will keep all of your food and drinks cold during the trip. Choose one with good insulation so that ice lasts longer.
  • Stove and fuel: If you plan on cooking meals while camping, remember to bring along a portable stove as well as enough propane or other fuel source to last the duration of your trip.
  • First aid kit including supplies for blisters, snake bites, poison ivy, etc.
  • Mobile calling and tracking: A cell phone is great to have if you can get a signal. With today's technology, you can be guaranteed a connection if you have a satellite phone. A satellite phone can prove invaluable if you get lost. Be sure to also bring along a portable power bank. There are solar-powered power banks that can be a real life saver.

Backyard camping ideas for adults

The following are backyard camping ideas for adults:

  • Set up a tent in the backyard: This is an obvious choice, but setting up a tent in the backyard can be a great way to camp without having to leave home. Just make sure that the tent is big enough for you and your camping gear!
  • String some lights around the campsite: Adding some string lights or lanterns around your campsite will give it a fun and festive atmosphere. Plus, it'll help you see what you're doing if you need to get up in the middle of the night.
  • Make s'mores over the fire pit: S'mores are essential for any camping trip - even if it's just in your own backyard! If you don't have a fire pit, no worries - you can always use a portable one or even make do with candles (just be careful).
  • Tell stories around the campfire: Telling stories is another classic camping activity that can easily be done right at home. Just gather everyone around the fire pit and take turns telling tales.
  • Go on nature walks during daylight hours: One of my favorite things about camping is exploring all of nature's wonders. Even though we might not have access to hiking trails or forests near our homes, we can still enjoy taking walks through our neighborhoods and looking at all the plants and animals around us.
  • Play camping-themed games: There are tons of great camping-themed games out there that can be played right in your own backyard. A few of my favorites are Campsite, Tent Trouble, and Bear Hunt.

What do I need to camp in my backyard?

There are a few things you will need in order to camp in your backyard successfully. First, you will need a tent. Make sure the tent is big enough for everyone who plans on sleeping in it and that it has all of the necessary parts, such as poles and rainfly. Next, you will need some sort of sleeping arrangement. This could be an air mattress, cot, or even just a blanket and pillow if you plan on camping during warmer months. Finally, you will want to consider bringing some basic camping supplies like water, bug spray, sunscreen, and snacks.

What should you not forget when camping?

There are a few things that you should not forget when packing for your camping trip.

  • First, make sure to pack plenty of food and water. You will need enough to last you the entire trip, plus some extra in case of emergencies.
  • Next, be sure to pack all of the necessary camping gear. This includes tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, flashlights, etc.
  • Lastly, don't forget to pack any personal items that you may need such as clothes (for both warm and cold weather), toiletries, medications, etc.

What do I need for camping for 3 or 5 days?

When deciding to go camping for a lengthy time, like 3 or 5 days, you need to plan well. The most important things you will need are going to be food, water, shelter, and fire. Secondly, the clothes and shoes you wear will be extremely important as well. For food and water, you should plan to bring at least an extra two days' worth in case you have trouble getting back.

All of the other essential items on the camping list may vary depending on how many people you have going, their ages, and how remote of a location you will be camping at.

How to Build a Campfire

Building a campfire is an essential skill for any outdoorsman. Here are some tips on how to build a campfire:

  • Gather your materials. You will need tinder, kindling, and fuelwood. Tinder is small, dry material that ignites easily; examples of tinder include leaves, bark, or paper. Kindling is slightly larger than tinder and catches fire more readily from a spark; good sources of kindling include twigs or small branches. Fuelwood is the wood you will use to keep the fire burning; it should be about as thick as your wrist and split into manageable pieces.
  • Clear away any debris from where you plan to build your fire pit. The area should be at least 10 feet in diameter and cleared of all flammable materials such as leaves or logs. If possible, create a ring out of rocks to contain your flames
  • Create a teepee structure out of your fuelwood by leaning the sticks against each other in the center of your clearing. Leave an opening at the top large enough so that air can circulate and help feed the flames.
  • Place your tinder underneath and around the teepee they will ignite easily from sparks that fall on them. Once the tinder is lit, blow gently on the flames to help them grow. As the flames grow, add small pieces of kindling to the fire. Once the kindling is burning well, slowly add larger pieces of fuelwood.
  • Do not leave your campfire unattended! Make sure to put out your fire completely before you go.

Backyard camping checklist summary

Camping can be a great way to get out in nature and enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors. However, if you’re not prepared, it can also be a frustrating experience. That’s why we put together this backyard camping checklist – to help make your next outdoor camping trip as enjoyable as possible. So before you head out to your yard, make sure you have all of these items packed and ready to go.