What Animals Eat Arrow-arum? A Swamp Favorite

In the deep south, you will find arrow-arum growing all over the swamps. I often see ducks and other waterbirds moving about and taking cover around its tall leaves.

There are not many animals that eat arrow-arum, but it is a favorite of a few.

Mammals that eat arrow-arum

  • Muskrats

Waterbirds that eat arrow-arum

  • Wood ducks
  • Black ducks
  • Rails

Why do animals eat arrow-arum?

Animals eat arrow-arum because the flowers, leaves, and seeds provide good nutrients. Ducks can feed on it while they are safe from predators.

Nutrients found in arrow-arum

Arrow-arum has a diverse range in terms of food value and medicine. It contains high amounts of fiber with trace elements such as iron, calcium, zinc, and potassium.

Characteristics of arrow-arum

Arrow arum is a tall (2-3 m) herbaceous plant with large arrow shaped leaves. It has male and female flowers that are enjoyed by animals in their diet.

Where does it grow naturally in the wild

Arrow-arum grows naturally around water. It grows in the eastern United States and Canada. It is especially prevalent in the swamps of the south.

I have been through swamps in Florida and Louisiana. Through my observations, arrow-arum grows all over the swamps in shaded areas that receive partial sunlight. Egrets like to hunt for their food around arrow-arum.