Pigeon Paradise: The Best Birdhouses for Your Feathered Friends

If you’re looking to add a touch of charm to your backyard or garden, why not consider building a birdhouse for pigeons? These intelligent and social creatures make wonderful pets, and with the right care, can live up to 20 years. Plus, they help control pesky bugs like mosquitoes! Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a pigeon-friendly abode.

Will Pigeons Live In A Birdhouse?

Pigeons are often found in urban areas, where they live on buildings and other structures. They will also nest in birdhouses if the size is right and no other birds are occupying them. Pigeons generally prefer to build their nests though, so a birdhouse may not be ideal for them.

What Kind Of Birdhouse Do Pigeons Like?

Pigeons prefer birdhouses that are small and cozy with a soft lining. They also like houses that have an opening on the side or front so they can see out.

Do Pigeons Use Nesting Boxes?

Yes, pigeons will often use nesting boxes. Pigeon nest boxes should be put up before the breeding season (which is typically February to August in North America), and they may be used year-round by some species. The size of the opening on a pigeon nestbox varies depending on the particular species, but it is generally between 2 inches and 4 inches.

How Do You Attract And Befriend Pigeons?

Pigeons are social creatures, so the best way to attract them is to provide a place where they can congregate and interact with one another. A simple birdbath or feeding station will do the trick. You can also try offering them a variety of foods, as different pigeons have different preferences. Some common favorites include:

  • cracked corn
  • sunflower seeds
  • bread crumbs

Benefits Of Pigeons In Your Yard

Pigeons are often seen as a nuisance, but there are many benefits to having them around your yard. For one, pigeons help keep away other pests like rodents and snakes. They also eat harmful insects, helping to keep your garden healthy. Additionally, their droppings act as a natural fertilizer for plants. And finally, pigeons can be trained to do tricks or perform simple tasks – making them entertaining companions!

Do Pigeons Eat From Bird Feeders?

While most birds will visit a birdfeeder for a quick snack, pigeons are known to be particularly fond of eating from them. If there is a lot of food available at a feeder, they may even spend the majority of their time there!

Pigeons typically prefer seed mixes that contain corn and millet, but they will also eat sunflower seeds and peanuts. If you find that your pigeon problem is getting out of hand, you can try switching to a different type of birdseed or making some simple changes to your feeding setup. For example, placing baffles on your bird feeding station can help keep pesky pigeons away.

Best Birdhouses For Pigeons

If you’re looking for the best birdhouses for pigeons, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Pigeons need a large opening in the front of the house so they can enter and exit easily. The entrance hole should be at least 2 inches wide. The floor of the birdhouse should be sloped to allow rainwater to drain out easily. And finally, make sure there are plenty of ventilation holes on all sides of the pigeon house so it doesn’t get too stuffy inside.

What Should You Put Out For Pigeons?

If you’re planning to put out food for pigeons, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider what kinds of foods they like to eat. Pigeons typically enjoy grain-based foods like birdseed or cracked corn. You can also offer them fruits and vegetables as well as live insects. In terms of quantity, start with a small amount of food and increase it gradually over time so that the birds don’t become reliant on your handouts. Additionally, be sure to clean up any leftover food regularly so that it doesn’t attract pests or other animals.

Birdhouses For Pigeons Conclusion 

If you’re looking for a unique birdhouse to add to your collection, or if you just want to give pigeons a place to roost, consider making or buying a pigeon house. These houses provide many benefits for both the birds and the humans who care for them. Not only do they offer shelter and protection from predators, but they also help keep populations of these beautiful creatures under control.